Students Say Goodbye To Retiring Teachers: Ms. Lisecki

Matt Nicholson, Contributing Writer

Dear Ms. Lisecki,
Ms. Joan Lisecki, you are one of the greatest people to ever
walk through the halls of Schreiber. You possess all the great qualities of a role model, a teacher, and an overall person.
You have worked with so many students and have touched the hearts of dozens. You are a funny, smart, and creative individual that Schreiber staff and students had the privilege of knowing. You have worked very hard and proved that you can do anything, and encouraged your students that they can do the same.
I unfortunately did not get to spend a lot of time with you, Ms. Lisecki, as a teacher, due to the knee surgery that kept you out of school. However, you battled back through your injury to make sure you were here, teaching and inspiring, just like you always have. Hobbling around with your cart and making sure everything gets done properly, you have fought through injury and hard times to be in school, and we are blessed to have had you.
You will be missed, Ms. Lisecki. You were a tremendous asset to the English department, and we wish you the best! ThThank you for everything!
Matt Nicholson