Fall into back-to-school trends

Talia Silverstein, Staff Writer

What to wear, what to wear?  There are so many different styles and new clothes that are trending this fall.  Over the summer and into the fall, fashions ranged from bathing suits and beach cover-ups to open flannels and ripped jeans.

Brandy Melville apparel is a huge fashion trend.  The shorts are cute and very comfortable.  They are easy throw-ons, but they look good too.  Although it has caused some controversy, shopping is made easy and accessible because everything is one size and you do not have to worry about finding the right fit.  The dresses from Brandy Melville are also very fashionable.  They can be as casual as a beach cover-up, or they can be fancy if put with the right jewelry and shoes.

In addition, dresses and rompers are a major wear.  They’re easy to wear and you do not have to deal with coordinating an outfit.

Another huge trend is flannels.  Everywhere you look, another person is sure to be seen in a colorful flannel.  People wear flannels as a shirt and put a cute bralette under it with the flannel buttoned almost all the way up.  Other people wear them with a skinny strap tank top, or just a solid shirt.  The biggest fashion statement is wearing a flannel as a jacket.  People have a cute outfit on and just top it with a fun flannel to make the outfit.  You can find flannels at almost every store and they come in nearly every color combination.  They are in style and hopefully will be for a while.

As summer comes to a close, people are starting to wear jeans and pants.  It gets very cold and buggy at night, so pants protect against bug bites and keep your outfit looking very cute.  Ripped jeans are in style this season because they pretty much go with anything.  They are easy to wear because they are very light, and still keep you warm enough.  White jeans were also a major hit this summer, but most people stopped wearing white when autumn started.

Graphic t-shirts are also a major fashion statement.  You can wear them with either shorts or jeans.   A large variety of graphic tees are sold at Forever 21.  Urban Outfitters also sells graphic tees that are cute and fashionable.  Graphic t-shirts go with so many different colors and can be paired with anything.

Another huge hit this fall are Steve Madden slip on sneakers.  They are easy to pair with anything and look cute too.  You can wear them with jeans or even basic black leggings.  They really pull an outfit together.  Their shoes are also very comfortable and easy to slip on when you are in a rush.  You can find them online or at any retail store.

There are a lot of trends this fall so don’t be afraid to try a new style.  Go big and be bold.  Step out of your comfort zone and try a new pair of jeans or a graphic tee-shirt.  It is fun to be different and also be in style.