New renovated courts will serve as home for Viking tennis


Josh White

The new renovated courts will serve as home of the boys and girls tennis teams. Both teams look to improve upon a very successful tradition of Viking tennis.

Gabe Herz, Contributing Writer

Last winter, New York broke a 65-year record when the temperature dropped down to a freezing two degrees.  The extremely cold winter, along with dirt, snow, ice, rain, and slush that went with it, took a major toll on the Schreiber tennis courts.

“There were cracks in the courts’ surface, some as big as four inches,” said Athletic Director Ms. Stephanie Joannon.

Beyond suffering from a harsh winter, the courts were due for a renovation because they had not been resurfaced in five years.

The renovation has made a big difference.  The cracks have now all been filled with a composite material that has hardened with rain.

This new filler has better integrity than the one used in the past.  This new filler will help eliminate any future cracks in the surface and it will also help the courts remain stronger.

The courts have a much cleaner look and a leveled playing surface that will eliminate any bumps or puddles after a rainfall.  The courts now also sport the same color as the courts that the Williams sisters, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer have played in the famous U.S. Open Tennis Championships.  That is because the company that renovated the Schreiber courts also worked on the courts for the U.S. Open during this past summer.

“The courts are smoother and easier to play on since there are no bumps,” said freshman Carly Hecht.

These improvements also make the overall play more efficient, which benefits both the home team and the visitors.

With the elimination of bumps and cracks on the courts, players no longer have to face the possibility of a ball deflecting the other way after hitting a bump, or risk tripping on one of the surface’s imperfections.  Also, with no more puddles after a rainfall, the tennis courts will be more accessible to teams who play on the courts during the year.  And with decreased amounts of water on the courts, there is no chance of balls becoming heavy due to being waterlogged.

With a leveled, puddle-free surface, better nets and lines, and no more cracks, the tennis courts are looking much nicer and are improving play.

The summer overhaul has impressed the tennis team members, and is already having a very positive impact on their play and morale.

“The surprise repainting and resurfaing of the courts has improved them immensely.  The former cracks have been repaired, but we have to wait and see what a New York winter does to them,” said boys varsity head coach Mr. Peter Travis.