News Briefs

Adi Levin and Dani Levitsky

Filming at the Sands Point Preserve 

This summer, a number of acclaimed shows were filmed at the Sands Point Preserve.  Programs like FOX’s Gotham and Showtime’s The Affair took advantage of all that the preserve has to offer.  The proceeds from all the filming help to finance the Preserve’s events and programs because county funding is not enough to maintain the grounds, especially because of the Preserve’s size.

“The Preserve definitely relies on the revenues from TV production to keep its gates open, so all this attention is really beneficial,” said Mr. Jeremiah Bosgang, the Preserve’s Film and Television Production Manager.

The Preserve was also a filming site for Showtime’s upcoming drama Billions, starring Damian Lewis and Paul Giamatti and airing beginning in Jan. 2016.

Boasting miles of hiking trails and over 200 acres of land, the Preserve is an ideal location for filming.  Film crews use the expansive parking area as a base camp to set up equipment and park cars.  Past movies have used Sands Point’s rocky coastline to mimic beaches in Europe, and many filming teams have used the Preserve’s Hempstead House and Castle Gould to film scenes set in the 1920’s or 1930’s.

“A hundred-year-old castle isn’t something you come across every day, so it’s perfect for filming historical scenes,” said Mr. Bosgang,

Filming went on for much of the summer, but the producers of the shows were reluctant to publicize specific filming dates to avoid publicity.

The signs in front of the Preserve caused confusion among Port Washington, especially among fans of the popular HBO program Game of Thrones, who had mistaken Gotham’s GOT signs for those of their favorite show.

~ Adi Levin

New theatre company in Port

Shining Studios was officially introduced to Port Washington at its ribbon-cutting ceremony on Sept. 10.  Shining Studios is a Long Island based theatre school and community for children, teens, and adults.  It offers a wide variety of classes and instruction such as musical theatre, film acting, singing, dancing, and private consultations with a professional acting coach.

“I have always been fascinated by this town,” said founder and director Mr. Kyle Savage.  “There is such a strong sense of community and passion for the arts in Port and my goal was to add to that.  After seeing the Port Summer shows and different performances at Weber and Schreiber, I was blown away by the talent in this town.”

While the company has a location in Suffolk County, this new location will allow student’s in Port and the surrounding towns to take advantage of the opportunities this company offers.

“I am very happy we have a new theater organization in Port Washington,” said senior Sophie Lipstein.  “I think we were really lacking a good community theater program outside from what is provided through our school and I am very excited about it!”

The opportunities for Schreiber students to get involved in this theater company include taking classes, performing in productions, and interning.

“The response from Port Washington has been overwhelming, in the best way possible, especially from Schreiber Students,” said Savage.   So many parents, families, and local businesses have been so supportive in promoting our new studio and sharing the word about all of our offerings.”

              ~Dani Levitsky