Port celebrates a beloved tradition: Students, athletes, and volunteers participate in annual Pride in Port activities


Josh White

Seniors Harlee Tung and Aliza Herz lead the Portettes in their routine, which was set to “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars. The Portettes marched down Main Street at the start of the parade.

Jesse Moskowitz and Tori Finkle

From the Portettes to the Public Library, people from all over Port Washington joined together to commemerate town spirit.

Port Washington commemorated town spirit with its annual Pride in Port festivities on Sept. 19.

Pride in Port is a community-wide celebration that kicks off with a parade on Main Street before making its way to the Weber field.

The parade allowed many different businesses, schools, organizations, and associations to get involved in the community.

“I never realized how much spirit our town possessed until I participated in Pride in Port,” said senior Amy Zack.  “It was truly an eye opener.  As I performed at the parade, everyone cheered and looked genuinely happy to be part of such a supportive community.”

This tradition started 27 years ago based on the idea that Port Washington should implement an event that brings residents together.    Pride in Port consists of many annual events, namely Schreiber’s homecoming football game, and the highly anticipated announcement of the homecoming king and queen.

Every year, the main feature of Pride in Port is the parade. It traditionally starts on Main Street near Carlo’s Pizza and a podium with speakers is set up in front of the train station.

This year, each elementary school contributed a float, and the Portettes, cheerleaders, and marching band represented Schreiber.

Instead of marching to the traditional “Grand Ol’ Flag” by George M. Cohan, however, the Portettes and cheerleaders choreographed new routines to the marching band’s version of “Uptown Funk,” by Bruno Mars.

Spectators followed the excitement up to the Weber field, where Family Fun Day took place, featuring rides and carnival activities.

Additionally, Weber hosted a field day, in which hundreds of student participated in sports, contests, and traditional field games.

“I was there the entire day and the field became packed very quickly. There was a constant flow of community members coming to watch the game as well as attend the fair,” said senior volunteer Milan Sani. “Although there were many people and loads of volunteers to manage, it was awesome to see the community come together and enjoy a fun event.”

Pride in Port also provided entertainments for adults, including the annual seniors citizens’ luncheon.

In the evening, the Polish American Cultural Association Hall hosted “A Taste of Port Washington,” a dinner dance featuring a live band and raffles sponsored by Port Washington HSA groups.

Schreiber students took this opportunity to raise money for clubs.  Among them were Key Club, the Letter Club, and various class clubs.

“I sold ticket vouchers for the food and drinks at the fair, helped direct people around the event, and managed the many key club volunteers,” said Sani.

What distinguished Pride in Port this year was that Schreiber alumni were called out to the center of the football field at halftime.

The Schreiber Hall of Fame honored former students for their superior athletic and academic achievements.

“I am seventeen years old and I remember going to my first Pride in Port when I was five,” said senior Elana Israel.  “The same traditions I saw then are still continued and it has been twelve years.  I hope my kids will be able to experience the same special traditions of Port Washington.”