American Horror Story takes over Hotel Cortez

Lizzy Roedel, Staff Writer

Fans are going “gaga” for the long awaited fifth season of American Horror Story: Hotel, featuring its newest character addition, Stefani Germanotta, more commonly known as Lady Gaga.

The show’s large fan base consists mainly of adults and adolescents who have already been exposed to Gaga’s hit music, but the performer’s acting career remains untapped.  Gaga will star as Elizabeth, fashionable countess and owner of the eerie L.A. Hotel Cortez.

“I think Gaga’s appearance will attract more viewers since her odd personality coincides with the eeriness that is American Horror Story. Also, the fact that we have never seen her act before will urge fans to watch the show for themselves and evaluate her performance as an actress,” said junior Kaitlin Morris.

American Horror Story: Hotel follows a series of gruesome murders that lead back to the mysterious Hotel Cortez. The Countess, Gaga’s character, is the owner of the hotel and a wealthy socialite with a damaging past. The show also stars Kathy Bates as Iris, the hotel’s manager, and Matt Bomer as Donovan, Iris’s son and the Countess’s lover. In comparison to the horror show’s previous four seasons, the FX production has forgone its most prized possession— actress Jessica Lange.

Jessica Lange starred as the major female leading role during the first four FX productions of American Horror Story. She is also an Oscar, Emmy, and Golden Globe award winner as a result of her outstanding performance throughout the series. However, after Lange’s voluntary retirement from the thriller, fans are skeptical of her replacement, Lady Gaga, and her ability to live up to Lange’s legacy.

“Jessica Lange is an iconic actress and provides the show with an elegant vibe that I believe Lady Gaga will struggle to uphold. Lady Gaga is also an amateur in comparison to Jessica’s acting experience but I think she has the personality to pull it off,” said junior Celia Tsampas.

Despite the absence of one of the show’s staple characters, American Horror Story’s fan base stays intact. The premiere of Hotel, which aired on Oct. 14, has received an average rating of 3.0 from adults ranging from ages 18-49 with a whopping total of 5.8 million viewers. In comparison to Hotel, the show’s pilot episode of previous season, American Horror Story: Freak Show, gained a slightly higher rating of 3.1 with 6.13 million viewers overall. Although Freak Show received higher critical acclaim within the debut of its first episode, Hotel ranked as the second most viewed and ultimately surpassed the remainder of FX’s series.