Bitmojis inspire a new generation of emoticons

Maddie Cohen and Sam Bizenov

Have you ever wanted to see an animated version of yourself chugging a massive cup of coffee, throwing money in the air, or jumping out of a life-size birthday cake?  Here is your chance.  With Bitmoji, you can make your own set of personalized emojis by creating an avatar of yourself.

The images can be pasted into everything from iMessage to Facebook messenger.  The iOS version even comes with a built-in keyboard for all the emojis.  After downloading Bitmoji for free in the iTunes App Store and making an account, users can create their own avatar choosing from skin tone, hair color, eyebrow shape, nose, height, and build.  In fact, your avatar can now be clothed in the latest trends from famous designers like Marc Jacobs and Calvin Klein.  From there, your avatar is placed into hundreds of Bitmojis which that appear on your keyboard.  No matter who you are texting, Bitmojis are perfect for all occasions as they are split into sections based on mood, from happy to sad to affectionate.  And unlike the stickers on Facebook Messenger, Bitmojis are photo files, so you can easily save the stickers to your photo library.

“I found out about Bitmoji from my older sister, and ever since she showed it to me, I can’t stop using them!  My avatar looks just like me and all the emojis are perfect for adding a little something extra to a text.  Plus, it captures your personality in a text,” said senior Katie McDermott.

CEO Jacob Blackstock stated that his goal with Bitmoji is to make texting a more personalized form of communication.

“Texting is making conversation more convenient than ever but it’s also stripped away a lot of the things that make communication human. We think one of the most important things that’s still missing is identity.  Bitmojis pour the face or identity back into communication,” said Blackstock.

If you ever find yourself in the midst of an awkward conversation, Bitmojiis are your go-to place.  After all, there is a Bitmoji for almost every texting emotion you want to express.  And the best part is that you can express your emotions without ever having to show them in real life.  Making your conversation come to life, you can include any of the hundred Bitmojis into your conversation that will cause you and the person you’re texting to roll on the floor laughing.  In fact, Bitmoji has an emoji of your avatar literally rolling on the floor laughing!

A few seniors even took this exciting new app to a whole new level after they made their senior shirts about Bitmojis.  Each girl in the group had their own customized shirt with Bitmojis that displayed their quirks and personality.

“My friends always make fun of me for saying ‘yas’ too much so I decided to make it my senior shirt.  I wanted my shirt to be funny and clever and once my friends and I decided to use this theme, I knew exactly which Bitmoji I would use,” said senior Aliza Herz.

Reading words can be boring and misleading, but with Bitmoji, all you need to do is choose the right emoji to spice up your conversation.  Celebrity fans of Bitmojis range from Victoria Behckam to Lena Dunham.  With daily updates, Bitmoji recently partnered with brands like Tanya Taylor and Joie as well as the department store Bergdorf Goodman and W magazine to give your avatar a dream closet!