Captain’s Corner: Emma Cisneros, Olivia Fetherston, Ashley Randall, and Catalina Salvatierra

Aaron Bosgang, Staff Writer

Aaron Bosgang: I’m sitting here with the captains of the girls soccer team. In a sport like soccer, there is no time that can be wasted. With that being said, let’s get right to the questions. How has your season been going thus far, girls? What sorts of goals have you set out for the team and how are they coming along?

Ashley Randall: This season we returned strong back to Conference I. We are lucky enough to have had sixteen returning players and the addition of new players as well. Having been the “underdogs” last year we came into this season with a driven mindset. Our first goal was to finish within the top four and qualify for a second round playoff game. From there we hope to make it to counties. Our biggest goal, I would say, is making the trip to Cortland for the state championship.

Emma Cisneros: Our season definitely has had its ups and its downs but I think each obstacle has actually made the team a lot stronger. We set a goal of making it to second round of playoffs that, thankfully, we have accomplished. As the season did go on, we did extend our goal. We want to make it to counties and if we’re lucky enough, we’ll be on our way to Cortland for the state championship.

AB: Great input! I’m sure with all of your hard work and the the team’s mindset, you will be able to accomplish that and much more.  With those goals in mind, how do you as captains try to motivate your teammates to achieve those goals?

Olivia Fetherston: Our team as a whole really connected well together rather quickly. We were definitely lucky enough to have such a great group of girls who had a lot to offer. Having Catalina and Ashley on the defensive end and Emma and I on the offensive end brings different qualities and kinds of motivation to the team. We strive to make one another stronger individually while keeping the fun side of things intact.

Catalina Salvatierra: We try and create team bonding experiences off the field as well as on the field, though the team generally has a lot of natural chemistry. The fact that we’ve all developed friendships with one another is evident on the field and helps us motivate each other during both practices and games. Team chemistry is a very important aspect of any team, so we are fortunate that our team excels in this area. It really makes a difference.

AB: Being a leader and creating a team bond is crucial to success. What or who inspires you to be captains? How do you try to be the most effective leaders possible?

EC: Personally, the role of captain has been a small goal of mine since freshman year. Seeing the captains from past years and how they shaped my experience really made me want to follow in their tracks and have the same impact on others. I’ve been comfortable with approaching and talking to the past captains and actually being very good friends with them and so this year I opened up myself in the same way to my teammates.

AR: The past captains of the team have inspired me. I think to be an effective captain you have to be something your teammates can look up to. I know from my past expereinces, it was very important for me to have approachable leaders on my team who motivated me to be better. In previous years, girls soccer typically had great team leaders. I saw them as positive role models. They were strong, driven, hardworking, caring, fun, as well as our friends. My experience as an underclassman has definitely affected the type of leader I am.

OF: The captains of the past were people who I looked up to and hoped to be someday. As captains they showed me how to be strong, driven, and positive. They have also made me realize that in order to be a successful leader, you have to be someone others look up to, you need to have the will to make a difference.

AB: I, for one, think that it’s fantastic to have a role model who has shown you how to lead. While playing soccer can be a great time, watching it is also a blast. What is your favorite soccer team? Do you have a favorite player?

CS: I think the US Women’s National Team might be our favorite team as a whole. They showed remarkable unity during the World Cup and outworked their opponents until the very end. As a team, they also inspire us and have shown us that if we keep our heads high and work together on the field, even when it gets rough, we can defeat any opponent.

EC: My favorite soccer player is Alex Morgan. She is truly a remarkable player as she is a human being. She has inspired not only our team but also our nation. She is a huge spokesperson for women’s equality in sports and was a true leader for the most recent World Cup Championship.

AB: Alex Morgan and the US Women’s National team are both incredible, solid picks. I am a huge fan of women’s soccer and just love the game.  The teamwork and ball movement that USA used this past year was intense and exciting to watch.  Although I would have to disagree with your favorite player as I love Abby Wambach. Thank you for your time, girls, and good luck on the pitch!