Editorial: Updating Posting Zones

While walking through any hallway of Schreiber, one is bound to pass a flier of some sort. This could range from club meeting notices, college posters, or job offers. Some are hung outside of the guidance office, some in the lobby, and others along the Student Posting Zones. This provides a multitude of opportunities for clubs, sports teams, and local organizations to advertise their cause and promote awareness among the student body.

However, with such opportunities also come responsibility. While it is helpful when students are notified of certain events via these fliers, many postings can become quickly out of date. This is dependent on the content, however, such as if a flier specifies a certain date.  If this is the case, then the group or individual that posted the fliers should also take care of taking them down once they become outdated.

Some clubs posted fliers that tried to encourage students to attend the first meeting.  This is useful and often effective when trying to draw in new members.  Still, it is October and fliers are still hung that urge students to attend a meeting that occurred a month ago. The club should either update the fliers or take them down all together. An alternative would be to create fliers that are timely no matter the time of year, such as just writing when and where the event takes place, not one specific date.

The library entrance is another location where various Schreiber-specific postings are displayed. These, while a subject of pride for the school, usually are not altered for some time. For example, one of the shelves presents three Social Science Research students from Schreiber who were published in the Concord Review. While this is an impressive feat, all three students recognized in this display have graduated. This includes Britanny Arnett (Class of 2015), Jenny Barshay (Class of 2014), and Rachel Johnson (Class of 2014).

The Schreiber Times believes that although posting zones in hallways and into the library entrance are helpful and informative, there is a certain responsibility that comes with it. Whoever utilizes the space designated as posting areas should also take care of keeping them timely. This would, in turn, keep the student body informed and up to date, as well as making room for other groups and individuals to post their fliers rather than taking up space.