Enhance your pictures and share your creativity

Logan Katz, Staff Writer

Scrolling through the app store, you may find it impossible to find a good way to filter your pictures as there are endless options.

After all, how does one photo-editing app differ from another? One new app, Visual Supply Company Cam (VSCO) makes your photo-editing experience feel like new.

VSCO is a platform for novices and experts alike to create and share beautiful, high quality photographs.  It is no surprise that since being voted iTunes App of the Year in 2013, VSCO has continued to gain traction worldwide.

The app was developed in 2011, when its founders were looking for a way to make photos more timeless and enhance the features.

In an age of digital photography, VSCO’s creative team came up with the concept of recreating the actual look of film.

In order to capture film-like images, not only is the VSCO camera itself advanced but also full of fancy filters and advanced toolkits.  Unlike other photo editing applications, VSCO looks to highlight and maximize the quality of the image, not manipulate it into something that it is not.  If you are looking to spew rainbows or cover your friend’s face with a cheesy emoji, this certainly is not the tool to use.

The resulting images can be shared on any social media, including on VSCO’s in-app social network: VSCO Grid.  However, VSCO’s founders have maintained that they are not looking to compete with Instagram.

Unlike Instagram and Facebook, VSCO is not for communicating what you did over the weekend or during your trip to Europe.  VSCO envisions its users choosing their most beautiful photos, and sharing them with others that would appreciate the content.

This plan seems to be working as photos on Instagram include the hashtag #VSCOCam.

“I might post a couple of times a week on Instagram since Instagram is for me and my friends, selfies, or whatever hits me at the time.  But for VSCO, I only put really good, artsy pictures up,” said junior Olivia Gellis.

A newcomer to VSCO may find the app overwhelming at first.  The icons are not very clear, and there is a multitude of filters and tools.

Trial and error is the best way to navigate the app until your photo looks ideal.  Once you are ready to post a photo to the Grid, you can add a minimal caption and save the hashtags and “follow back” chatter for Instagram.

The actual content of the photo, rather than communication, is what VSCO seeks to place at center stage.

Instagram is a quick and easy way to upload pictures, whereas VSCO requires more advanced skills and techniques.  While the images are definitely pretty to look at, it does not appear that VSCO will be replacing Instagram anytime soon among high school students.

“VSCO is kind of complicated and more than I need.  I really don’t have the time to spend on editing photos at that level.  I just want to post fun pictures and like the ones from the people that I follow.  I guess I’m not so artsy,” said junior Maddy Lavin.

While creative and aspiring photographers may love the advanced features and sophistication of VSCO, some of us just want to share a sunny beach picture from August on Instagram.