Local stores continue Halloween traditions for trick-or-treaters

Samantha Viel, Contributing Writer

For the fourth year in a row, local businesses on Main Street are inviting children to dress up in their costumes and trick-or-treat in their stores the weekend on Halloween.  Halloween on Main has been a pre-Halloween tradition, and it has been extremely popular among all members of the community, especially younger children and their parents.

“Our store has participated in this event in the past years and it’s great for all of the kids,” said a Bluetique employee.

This event is geared towards children who may not be able to trick-or-treat on Halloween night.

It begins at Sunset Park near the dock, where local singers will be performing.  In previous years, the first 300 kids to show up at this park have received free bags filled with candy and treats.

After the performance, children are welcome to wander into the different stores on Main Street where the owners of these shops will be handing out treats.

Some of the participating stores include Entree, Bluetique, Impulse, World Tae Kwon Do, Factory Eyeglass Outlet Plus, along with many others on Main Street.

These stores will have their doors wide open on the day of the event for children to come inside and trick-or-treat.

Many families have participated in this town tradition for the past couple of years, and children love taking part in Halloween on Main.

“This event is so much fun and I look forward to it every year,” said resident Ms. Marley Saunders.

However, since Halloween on Main has grown to be extremely popular among families in Port Washington, some stores did not anticipate so many trick-or-treaters.

“Some stores have run out of candy in the past due to the increasing prevalence of trick-or-treaters each year,” said resident Ms. Cathy Saunders.

If you or any of your friends and family members have any interest in trick-or-treating on Main Street, go as early as possible to ensure that you receive lots of candy and treats.

Not all stores on Main Street are taking part in this event, so make sure to look for a sign on the windows and doors of your favorite local shops to see if they are participating in Halloween on Main.  This event is free of charge, and is open to anyone in the community.