Trouble with morning anouncements

Emily Ma, Assistant Features Editor

Recently, there have been several problems with the sound system for the morning announcements.

Over the summer, the sound system was redone and the classroom phones were replaced in order to raise the volume and improve the quality of sound.

However, there were some complications with this new system that affected students and staff once the school started using it.

During the first few weeks of school, the loud speakers gave off a faint and muffled sound.  There were multiple attempts to fix this problem, but this only led to further difficulties with the sound system.

Around the beginning of October, the morning announcements were cut off in certain parts of the school.

Since parts of the announcements could not be heard, some students and teachers were not able to attain important information about local events.

Notably, these problems presented themselves when college representatives came to Schreiber to hold information sessions for juniors and seniors.

Not all students were sure about the specific colleges that were visiting on a certain day. It is imperative that students are aware of college information sessions, but students in certain parts of the building were not able to hear these announcements.

“Meeting with the schools I’m interested in at the information sessions held in our school are very important to me. It was annoying that these issues with the morning announcements affected this for me,” said Senior Dani Levitsky.

Moreover, this was troublesome because students were unaware of when clubs were meeting and were not properly informed about upcoming events at Schreiber.

“This caused inconvenience to students and teachers.  It is important that students are aware of when different clubs are meeting and upcoming events,” said senior Ruthie Gottesman.

Additionally, the sound system was tested after school in order to fix these problems, but it was a nuisance for many after school clubs.  During a debate team practice, the sound system was tested and it became very distracting for both the members of the team and the team adviser.

“Every ten minutes, the announcements were tested and it got to be very annoying.  I was not able to focus during debate,” said sophomore Julia Ruskin.

After numerous attempts to fix the issue, the sound system was ultimately fixed.  Morning announcements can now be heard from every part of the building, and the sound system is fully functional.

In contrast to the original system, the new system has improved sound quality, and it is louder than the old one.

“We were upset when they initially redid the sound system for the morning announcements because we really like the old system and it worked well.  But I think that this new system is definitely louder, so the volume was a major improvement,” said senior Annie Kline.