Editorial: Upcoming Junior Prom

In the past, Schreiber students have taken comfort in the fact that after two long weeks of AP

testing, they would be able to unwind and have fun with their friends at junior prom. However,

this year students will not be able to participate in junior prom after they’ve finished their tests.

This is because junior prom will be held on the Friday between the two AP testing weeks. On top of that, for students taking the May SAT exam, they will be burdened with the task of taking yet another stressful exam on the same Friday that junior prom is scheduled for.

This means that many juniors will be unable to prepare for junior prom with the same enthusiasm and effort as in the past. Furthermore, with this interruption in what is arguably the most stressful week in the school year, many juniors will opt to miss out on their junior prom to make sure that they have enough time to prepare for the next week of testing. On the other hand, students who decide to attend junior prom will miss out on time they could be spending studying for the test.

As a result, The Schreiber Times believes that the administrators should move

junior prom to another day, after all AP testing has ceased. This would allow juniors to better prepare for the prom, a significant milestone of their high school career, as well as ensuring that all students will prepare for the AP tests to the best of their ability.