Editorial: School Field Construction

As many Schreiber students have probably noticed, the school’s south side field is temporarily closed as it is undergoing renovations.  The renovations will result in a newly-turfed field, a process that replaces regular grass with synthetic rubber material.

The field is an essential space for many fall sports at our school, both for practices and games.  However, the construction comes towards the end of the fall season, making it harder for teams that use this field to have practice space. Despite this, the benefits of replacing this field with turf will be substantial.

Although the field could have been renovated during the summer months so that gym classes during the fall will have more opportunities to go outside, it is a wait that is worth the while.  A great asset to the sports program, the new field will help teams have more effective and constructive practice time if it is in its best possible condition.

With all the wear and tear associated with a sports field, having a more durable turf field is a definite advantage for the future.  And, with notably lower maintenance costs of turf fields as compared to regular grass fields, Schreiber’s athletic program will have the resources for the best equipment and management possible.  Moreover, the problems of physical education classes not having space continues to be less and less of an issue as the temperatures drop and teachers begin to keep their students inside.

While the construction may be a current inconvenience, it is a great addition to our sports program for the future as such programs would be able to fully utilize the field.  For those who are complaining that the construction of the field is preventing sport teams and physical education classes from conducting their practices, they need to realize that teams and classes alike will benefit a tremendous amount from the turf field.

The Schreiber Times believes that although the renovations to the field may be inconvenient to fall sports teams and physical education classes, it will benefit the sports program in the long run.