Point: Should the intramural sports program at Schreiber grow?

Becky Han, Staff Assistant

Students involved in varsity sports teams have tight schedules and must be fully committed to their team, no matter how much it takes.  Whether it be struggling to work around team meetings or studying for a test late at night after attending a sports game, it is something many students are accustomed to.

While many are able to efficiently maintain schedules that allow them to succeed both in the classroom and on the field, there are some who are unable to do so.  Even though they may have the athletic skill, they simply lack the time to commit to a varsity sports team.  In this case, playing intramural sports offers the best option to be able to exercise while not having to stress over attending each meeting and performing at a high level every day.

“I believe that expanding our school’s intramural program would offer many benefits, such as allowing students who didn’t make the varsity team but still want to be able to partake in a school sport of sorts an opportunity to remain active and engaged,” said sophomore Lois Kim.

Currently, Schreiber has an intramural weight training program held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, except for days that fall on holidays or faculty meetings.  This program allows students to exercise in the weight room in a tranquil environment where they can enjoy themselves with friends.  By expanding this program, our school may potentially open up much-needed alternatives for those who wish to participate in a form of exercise but are unable to be in a varsity sports team.

“I think the program is a valuable one.  It offers our students an education in strength training techniques and principles in a relaxed environment that also fosters socialization.  It also affords students an opportunity to strength train without joining an expensive gym,” said physical education teacher Ms. Robin Cooper.

If our current intramural sports program is expanded, it will offer an opportunity for those who wish to participate in a form of physical activity but feel as though they lack the athletic potential to join a varsity sports team.  Many colleges around the country offer intramural and similar programs, where they allow students to stay active and, as it takes place in a much less competitive environment, have fun with little to no pressure outside of the school day.  While one is expected to perform to their highest capabilities every day in varsity teams, this is not the case for intramural sports.

“In order for students who participate in clubs to find structured ways to exercise  more often, intramural sports can be utilized so people are healthier and more productive,” said sophomore Megan Day.

Not having the time commitment to be a part of a school varsity sports team is an issue that many of students have exceptional difficulty with.  Although he or she may have the athletic skill, the student may not have enough time to attend all of the mandatory meetings or games.  Therefore, they have no choice but to quit sports altogether and may not have a chance to pursue their athletic talents in the future.

However, with the option of intramural sports, students can practice and participate in competitive games of their desired sport amongst a team of peers, as intramurals typically do not meet as often or as long as varsity sports do and are much more flexible in terms of time commitment.

Students may be able to use the time they spend at intramurals to relieve stress, not add on to the heavy load already on their shoulders by dedicating too much time to a competitive varsity sport.  Since exercising is an extremely effective way to de-stress, those who cannot make the commitment to participate in a varsity sports team will be able to have this alternative.

The intramural sports program has numerous benefits, from serving as a time where students can relax and enjoy the exercise with friends, to being an appealing alternative for those who wish to continue sports despite not making the school sports team.