Should there be a student-only computer lab?

Becky Han, Staff Writer

Often, students have to use a computer during school hours — whether the reason be to work on an assignment or print a paper out for a class.  However, many times these computer labs will be occupied by a class, denying students access to a computer.  This is a dilemma that most Schreiber students commonly go through throughout the school year.

The current system to book a computer lab is fairly simple.  The teachers make sure to reserve one of the few labs in our school before first period begins.  In the morning, the librarians will always remember to tape a sheet of paper to the door of the computer lab, informing students which periods that lab will be unavailable.  More often than not, a student will start to come towards the room, notice the slip of paper notifying everyone that the lab is closed that period, and walk away, worrying if they will get to finish their paper in time.

If Schreiber decided to create a student-only computer lab, then everyone’s lives would be made much easier.  Although students can come early in the morning to use the school computer, there is bound to be a case when the only time the student is available to do their work is during school hours.  For instance, many students choose to attend clubs that meet in the morning; therefore, they may not be able to use the computers in school unless the lab happens to be open when they have an off period — which is usually unlikely.

“Most of the time, the computer labs are engaged by other classes, which causes a great inconvenience for everyone, including faculty members and students.  Students are often disappointed to see that classes are occupying the lab or at the fact that there are not any vacant spots for them to work at,” said sophomore Alexsandra Gao.

When a student comes early in the morning to use one of the computers here at Schreiber, they will only have around half an hour to use the computers until the labs close for first period.  To many, this is not a sufficient time to complete an assignment.  For those who do not have computers at home, they rely on the school ones for homework that requires to be typed or researched using online sources that they can only be acquired from the school.

A students-only computer lab would allow students to freely go in and out of the labs in whichever period they choose.  While the other computer labs in this school commonly get reserved with classes, this lab will be open throughout the entire school day, allowing students to use one of their computers whenever they wish.  It would allow more students to feel less concerned about printing that essay due next period in time, or getting their homework finished before class starts.  Students would feel much more comfortable knowing that there is a students-only lab that they can use at any time.

“Schreiber really needs a computer lab dedicated only for kids to use during their free periods since there are many times throughout the school day in which classes have already reserved these labs.  Not everyone has access to a computer or printer at home, which is often necessary for many assignments given throughout the year,” said freshmen Samantha Frevola.

Most students would rather enjoy seeing an easily accessible computer lab open for them than to find one already reserved for a class.  It is essential to have separate computer labs for classes since that course might need a couple days throughout the year to go the labs to complete a certain project that requires using computers.  The current system for teachers to book a computer lab can remain the same, but an extra lab just for students to use throughout the school day would allow everyone to be more relaxed.