Captains Corner: Boys varsity soccer

Gabe Herz, Contributing Writer

Gabe Herz: I’m here with the captains of the boys varsity soccer team Kanji Katayama and Ronaldo Ayala.  First off, how do you feel the season went overall?

Ronaldo Ayala: Even though we did not win as many games as we hoped to, I still feel as if the season was a success because we played hard every game and got some wins against tough opponents.

GH: Next, can you walk me through what you do at practices?

RA: At practices, we train for the upcoming game by working on skills and teamwork.  We also scrimmage against each other.

GH: How did you stay focused and prepared for upcoming games throughout the season?

Kanji Katayama: For the important games, I would always be thinking about the game during school.  Doing so allowed me to focus purely on the upcoming match.  Staying hydrated, I learned, is also important, as it keeps us energized.

GH: Staying on the topic of preparing for games, how do you guys get hyped up before games?

RA: To get hyped before games, we usually listen to music and motivational videos.  Also, we huddle up before the game starts to get everyone excited.

GH: Now that the season has concluded, what are your goals for the upcoming team next year?

KK: For next year, I would advise them to concentrate solely on the upcoming game, not to the next several and the playoffs.  In order to make playoffs, we have to win games.   Each game has the same weight on the season.  Like coach Bishar said, we need to make small goals first, like letting up no goals in the first half, before we reach the big goal of making playoffs and even winning counties.

GH: How would you recommend your teammates train for next season?

KK: I would tell my teammates to train more competitively.  By this, I mean they should compete against each other during practice to fight for a starting position.  Competition will allow them to push themselves to the best of their abilities and further strengthen the team.

GH: What was it like to be captain?

RA: I had a great time being captain.  As one of the captains, it was my job to support the players through the good and bad and to hype the players up.  It was a great experience.

GH: Looking back at everything that took place during the season, what was the best moment?

KK: The best moment of the year was when Coach Fish invited us over to his pool after a game.  The 5-1 win over Farmingdale in our first game was nice too.

GH: Thanks, and good luck to the team next year.