Good Eats: Cold weather, hot drinks, perfect fall combination

Leah Taylor, Contributing Writer

With cold weather rapidly making its way into the forecast, many people enjoy getting cozy with a nice, steaming beverage to warm their hands and calm them down.  Many people prefer different types of drinks to not only keep them snug in the winter, but also to enjoy in the spring, summer, and fall.  This raises the divisive question: which is the best- tea, coffee, or hot chocolate?
“English breakfast tea is great because it helps my throat, and it tastes good,” said sophomore Sarabeth Schiff.

Tea, hot or iced, is a favorite because of the many varieties and flavors available, as there is a wide selection of different green, black, and white teas.  It comes in strong, fruity, and herbal flavors, and it is used for health reasons.  For example, tea can be used as anti-inflammatory, and people can buy specific types for bedtime, stomach aches, sore throats, and other issues.  Since it is the lightest and easiest beverage to make, tea is a favorite of many people.

On the other hand, many students prefer coffee.  Of the three drinks, it is most associated with caffeine, helping students stay awake during the school day.  Likewise, many people also prefer the taste of it over tea and hot chocolate.  It is popular year round because people can drink it hot or cold.  There are many diverse types, including lattes and cappuccinos.  Add-ins are popular, as well, such as pumps of vanilla, mocha, peppermint, and caramel.

“I love coffee, especially iced coffee with milk and sugar, since it has caffeine,” said sophomore Maddy Feigin.

Although the taste may be too strong for some, coffee is well-liked among students.  Major accounts on Instagram advertise latte art and mouth-watering pictures of varieties of coffee, increasing the popularity of this drink in all the seasons.

Hot chocolate is by far the most popular of the three beverages.  Even though there are only a few types, it is a classic and delicious drink.  It can be customized with pumps of flavors, mainly caramel, peppermint, and marshmallow.  Common toppings include marshmallows and whipped cream- two sweet and tasty foods.

“Hot chocolate always reminds me of the snow and Christmas, so when I start drinking it, it means that those things are coming.  You can drink tea and coffee whenever you want, so they don’t remind you of these great feelings,” explained freshman Maansi Shroff.

The association of hot chocolate with the holiday season can get people excited.  When the brain associates certain feelings or memories with something, it will want more. In this respect, hot chocolate becomes a favorite.