Girls soccer strives to avenge loss in county finals

Dylan Spilko, Contributing Writer

The girls varsity soccer team is looking to continue their above-average start to the 2016 fall season. The Vikings currently sit at third place in their division with a record of 6-5-1.

After a shaky start to their season, the Vikings have bounced back. The team recorded three key wins against Calhoun, East Meadow, and Oceanside earlier this month.

Junior Caroline McCarthy is a key member of the winning team.  McCarthy has recorded four goals and four assists so far this year.  Senior Rachel Rosen has also contributed to the team’s success with five goals and five assists.

“I think we have started to look to look more closely on how each one of us can improve,” said McCarthy. “Playing all out in practice certainly helps, especially when it gets competitive.”

With this late season push, and with one game remaining at Syosset, the Vikings are expected to have a first round bye heading into the playoffs, automatically punching their ticket into round two.

“I think our winning streak gives everyone on the team more confidence and proves to us that we can make it far in the playoffs,” said Rosen. “Our best competition is in our conference, and the fact that we played so well against them really boosts us for our playoff run.”

Expectations for the team are as high as ever for the team. Heading into the playoffs, the Vikings are hoping for continued success.

“Our season up to date has been a success,” said Rosen. “Our first round bye will also give us a home playoff game, which we are very excited and motivated for. I see the team making it back to counties again.”

The idea that the team can make a run at counties and possibly even the state championship has boosted the morale of the entire team, which will hopefully propel them into a successful end of the season.

“As long as we beat Syosset on Tuesday, we will be set for the second round and be able to return to the county finals again and hopefully make it to states,” said junior Niki Randall.

Success for the Vikings is not only apparent in their play on the field, but also in their bonding together as a team. As the season has moved forward, the team has only become stronger as the playoffs are right around the corner.

“I think we have become much closer friends, which has allowed us to become a better and more united team when we step out onto the field,” said Randall. “We have been working hard throughout the season as one team.”

Many members of the team agree with that they have bonded as a team during this season. The Vikings recognize that their team chemistry is needed to have a successful season.

“We have done alright, and now that the playoffs are starting we have to work even harder,” said McCarthy. “The season has been so much fun playing with my best friends, and nobody wants it to end.”
Nevertheless, one major challenge still remains for them. Massapequa has been at the top of the Vikings conference throughout the season.  With the upcoming play-offs, a matchup with the Massapequa squad is likely beyond the second round. If the Vikings want to win counties, they have to win against their biggest rival, something they haven’t done all season.

Most recently, the Vikings suffered a 6-0 loss to Massapequa, and while it doesn’t affect the team’s playoff hopes, it does raise concern for a possible future playoff matchup.

“I think when we go up against Massapequa we have viewed them as if they are invincible,” said McCarthy. “When we play them again, we need to want it more and enter that game knowing that we have what it takes.  I know we can do it.

I think the team is hoping for success and as long as we are willing to work for it, we will achieve our goals.”