The best apple to pick this season is the iPhone 7


The iPhone 7 came out on September 7, along with the iOS 10 software update. The update to the phone’s design features the removal of the headphone jack, replacing the conventional earphones with wireless earbuds.

Lucy Hurt, Contributing Writer

On Sep.  7, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hit the stores with prices starting at $650, and Apple has been releasing updates on the phone’s new features for months.

“I was excited when the iPhone 7 came out.  Even though I’m not getting it, I wanted to know what new technology Apple created,” said sophomore Leah Taylor.

One of the most controversial features of the new iPhones is the removal of the headphone jack.  The phones now come with wireless headphones, or “Lightning-connected EarPods.”  Also included in the box is a Lightning-Converter, which allows the wired headphones to be used by creating a headphone jack through the charging spot.  However, many people are worried that they will lose the wireless earbuds.

“I wish that they had kept the headphone jack because the earbuds seem small and easy to lose,” said junior Celia Christake.

A plus side of the removal of the headphone jack is that it gave Apple more room to install one of their newer features.  The top and the bottom of the new iPhones are lined with stereo speakers, improving sound quality and making it possible to increase the phone’s volume to a greater extent.

Also included in the iPhone 7/7s is the A10 Fusion processor.  Apple claims that this new processor is forty times faster than that of the iPhone 6, allowing the phone to run much more quickly and smoothly.  The new iPhone also has an extended battery life, which is two hours longer than the iPhone 6 and earlier models.

“My phone always dies after a few hours of use, so I’m very excited about the extended battery life,” said junior Saige Gitlin.

The new phone also comes with an improved camera, equipped with a signal processor to capture images with greater clarity.  Additionally, the 7 Plus comes with a dual camera, which uses two lenses to create high-quality pictures.  Finally, the new iPhone has a new design, and is also waterproof.

With the iPhone 7 came the new Apple software update, IOS 10.  IOS 10 features an updated Photos app, which now includes facial recognition.  The Control Center, maps, and music apps were also updated.  One of the most notable new features is Apple’s redesigned messages app.  Now, text messages incorporate brand-new features, such as invisible ink and stickers.  The new keyboard includes 72 new emojis, and also allows users to create handwritten messages using digital ink.  Messages can also be sent with fireworks, balloons, confetti, and many more exciting features.

“I love the update to the messages app,” said sophomore Sophie Roth.  “it is so fun to send texts with these new effects”.

The messages app also allows users to quickly access gifs, or moving images.  These changes can allow people to connect with one another more quickly and make their texting more active.

Apple’s new messaging program even offers in-app purchases and free downloads.  These range from sticker packages to multi- player games, which you can play with friends right in the messages app.  Some games include tic tac toe, Words with Friends, and Connect Four.

Apple’s newest iPhone and software system have revolutionized how we use our phones.