Letter to the Editor


Trash found on the lunch tables in the cafeteria.

In the last issue of The Schreiber Times, there was an opinions article which expressed concern about the lack of recycling pails in the hallways. However, if you want to talk about garbage at Schreiber, that’s clearly not the most pressing issue.

Take a walk around the hallways, the cafeteria or the Commons after the last lunch period or the spectator area after a football game. It is very clear that the bigger story regarding garbage at Schreiber is that far too many students do not pick up after themselves and apparently think nothing of just leaving their garbage on the floor, their lunch table or the field. There are plenty of garbage and/or recycling pails throughout the school.

Honestly, even if it means carrying your garbage down the hall or across the room, that is the right thing to do—it is part of being a good citizen in a community. Leaving leftover food is inexcusable, inconsiderate, unsanitary and dangerous. Sure, more recycling pails in the hallways would be helpful but it would be a great start if everyone simply disposed of their own trash.

Best Regards,

Patricia Baglio