Boys varsity football finishes the 2016 fall season

Matt Levine, Staff Writer

The varsity football team is well into their offseason, and they look to quickly prepare for what is at stake next year.  The team recorded 2-6 this season.  As they start to prepare for next year, they look to fill very important holes that the departing seniors will leave.

This season has been notably different for the Vikings because it is their first season in which they did not compete in a league.  Although they weren’t fighting for a playoff spot, they made their own goals for the year, most of which they accomplished.

Many key senior players like quarterback Jacob Kaypour, wide receiver Jajuan Curtis, and lineman Justin Maravilla, will be leaving the team.  However, hopes are high that rising players will be able to continue improving the team next year.

“I think we have many talented juniors now that will step up next year and help be successful,” said head coach Adam Hovorka.

An upside to playing in a non-league is that the Vikings get to play other non-league teams.  However, facing a new opponent and learning their play style is always a challenge.  Because they were initially completely unfamiliar with the new teams they were facing, the team was forced to make snap judgements on the fly, which lead to losses early in the season.  However,  with the help of a new coaching staff, the players think they adapted quickly and played beyond what was expected.

“I am very pleased with the way we played this year, and I know we can only get better from here,” said junior James Dalimonte.

The team knows they can accomplish a lot next year, and they believe they have enough talent to fill the spots of those who are leaving.  Junior Drew Reiter is a key player, and he will immediately accept Curtis’ role as the wide receiver one.  He was a very productive player this season as the wide receiver two, and there is no doubt he will become the team’s go-to receiver next season.

“We will know what is coming, and we can better prepare ourselves for the opponent,” said junior Drew Reiter.

Many other players are going to have to step up aside from Reiter and Dalimonte.  They are most likely considering using sophomore Elliot Avidane as the starting quarterback next year.  He is a young talent and will be new to the offense if he starts.  Junior Andrew Alstodt will also likely be a highly contributing player next year.

“Although we have a lot of talent leaving, I don’t think there is any reason why we won’t be better next year,” said Alstodt.

The football team will be playing the same types of games next year.  That being said, they will set new goals prior to the season, and they will strive to achieve these goals throughout the year.  The team will aim to go .500, and they will also work to form stronger bonds with each other as teammates.

Although they did not go .500 this season, they became a family.  Their chemistry on and off the field grew stronger and stronger as the season went on, and that translated into two wins in their last two games.

“We are going to have many goals next year, and I believe we can complete anything we desire to complete,” said Reiter.

As the Vikings lose many seniors, they will look to younger players to replace them next year.  They have big shoes to fill in departing seniors Kaypour and Curtis, but they know they will be able to do it and pull together a winning team.

The team believes they can surpass any goal they set for themselves.  They will be familiar with the teams next year, and they will compete every day in practice and in games to ensure that they have a great season.

Expectations are high and hopes are higher for next season, and with a winning attitude and a lot of hard work, the team may be able to bring Port Washington their first winning football season in years.