Temple University student tells all: Schreiber alumnus Zareen Johnson describes her college experience



Temple University is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and includes the Tyler School of Art building pictured above. This building is home to many of Zareen Johnson’s art classes.

Emily Ma, News Editor

Emily Ma: How did you hear about Temple and what attracted you to it?

Zareen Johnson: My dad told me about Temple, and the reason it really stuck out for us is that last year Temple was giving amazing merit-based scholarships, which I qualified for, based on grades and SAT scores.  Temple is also well-known for the Tyler School of Art, their school for art majors, which is where I take most of my classes.

EM: Have you always known that you wanted to go to school for art?

ZJ: I decided I wanted to pursue art in junior year when I was touring colleges.  I think I was deciding senior year between going to a school that was purely an art school and Temple, which has all kinds of majors.  I’m happy that I chose Temple because as someone who had a really broad range of interests in high school, I value having really good general education classes, since they’re taught by the same professors who teach students of those majors.

EM: What is unique about Temple?

ZJ: Temple is a public university in Philadelphia, which I really like because I wanted to go to school in a city.  Philly was ideal for me, because I didn’t want to be really close to home, but close enough to come home for a weekend.  Philadelphia also has a lot of really cool cultural events and museums.

EM: To what kind of student would you recommend Temple?

ZJ: I think the average Schreiber student would do well at Temple, especially if they are on the extraverted side or if they function well near a city.  Students with really good grades could get a really good scholarship so they should consider applying!!

EM: What is your most memorable college experience so far?

ZJ: Although it’s only November, my favorite college memories so far have been exploring Philadelphia, which is a really cool city, with my friends, and going to see Ta-Nehisi Coates speak when he came to Temple.  The coolest thing I’ve done has been glass-casting, which is the process of pouring molten glass into molds.  I got to do that in my 3D Foundations course, and I totally wasn’t expecting to get a chance to do that at all, much less in my first semester.

EM: What extracurricular activities do you participate in?

ZJ: Honestly, my workload is pretty heavy right now so I don’t have time for all the clubs I’d like but I’m part of Feminist Majority, a feminist group that discusses national and local issues and provides support for women’s rights.

EM: How is college different from high school in terms of workload, difficulty, social life, etc.?

ZJ: Even though I have a heavier workload, I enjoy doing homework a lot more now than I did in high school because I’m normally doing things I really enjoy and creating things I’m proud of.  Also, somehow I’ve managed to take classes with no tests, just papers and one in-class debate.  I really love that because I think I’m a much better writer than I am a test-taker, and I am gaining analytical skills instead of having to memorize things, which is what will be more helpful in a job.