The easiest app to find shorter Waze through traffic can help anyone


Available on iPhone or Android, Waze can assist any road trip or even a short drive.

Saige Gitlin, Staff Writer

Driving in an unknown location can be difficult and scary, but thanks to modern technology and GPS, this task can be much less daunting.  Today there are countless apps, websites and technologies that can map out driving routes; however, recently a new app has risen to popularity.  Waze is a new traffic app, originally from Israel, that conveniently combines social networking with driving.  Thousands of other Waze users can report road accidents, nearby police, and traffic jams, allowing you to change your route accordingly. Many people find these unique features to be extremely helpful, especially when driving in an unfamiliar area.

“Waze is a great app because it allows my family to take a route with the least traffic,” said junior Emily Cavallaro.  “Other GPS apps do not consider roadblocks or other issues when creating a route.”

Waze has many other features that are unrelated to finding the most efficient route.  For example, Waze will mark out the gas stations along the drive and indicate which are the cheapest.  This useful feature enables drivers to pre-plan their gas stops and save money.  Additionally, Waze will notify the driver if another car is stopped on the road ahead.  This lets drivers be aware and ready to avoid the car.  With Waze, you can also change the language and voice settings. In addition to multiple languages, you can have Waze direct you in different accents, including Australian, British, and New Zealand accents.

The app can even tell drivers when a police car is nearby.  When drivers hear the notification, they will make sure they check their speed and drive as carefully as possible.

Waze makes the driver’s safety a priority. When you try to plan your route, the app won’t let you make any changes unless you confirm that the car is stopped or that a passenger is inputting the information. This prevents people from using their phones while driving.

“As someone learning to drive, I know how important it is to be aware of what’s happening on the side of road,” said junior Idell Rutman.  “I am happy to know that Waze will keep me aware of what is going on, especially when I need to be extremely focused.”

The app uses hands-free voice controls so that the drivers can report accidents, traffic, police or any other issues.  In order to encourage users to report things to the app frequently, a driver who edits and uses more maps will gain points that can lead to other bonuses.  Additionally, drivers can use this hands-free voice control feature to message friends who are also using the app. With the app, you can easily share your location while staying focused on the road.

“The app makes it a lot easier to communicate with friends and family while driving,” said junior Sarah Gottesman.  “I also like the reward system because it gives drivers incentive to report accidents which helps improve the app as a whole.”

Even with all of its features, this app is still free!  Even if you end up not liking it, there is no risk in downloading the app.  Additionally, the more people who use Waze, the more effective it will be, as it relies on users reporting things they see on the road.  Overall, the app has many unique features that are not present in other GPS programs like Google Maps.  If this new and improved traffic app appeals to you, then you may want to give it a try.  This inventive take on a GPS is the next step in making driving as efficient and stres-free as possible.