Clubs gather for annual holiday window paintings


Emily Ma

Representatives from the Art Honors Society illustrate characters from The Flintstones for the holiday window painting event.

Emma Levin, Staff Writer

Although we cannot cover Schreiber with holiday lights and tinsel, the clubs displayed their holiday spirit in a different way.  On Dec. 6, members of several clubs gathered in the back of the cafeteria to decorate the windows facing towards the main entrance and faculty parking lot.  Each club painted a separate window panel with a different drawing.  The colorful designs students drew are on display through the holiday season, so that anyone who passes by the front of the school can see the holiday spirit.

“I think it’s nice that the students are able to come together every year to paint something the entire student body can see and appreciate,” said sophomore Eden Bloch.

Every year, the window drawings have a general theme, and each club is able to uniquely interpret the theme.  This year, each window panel was based on famous cartoon characters from Cartoon Network.  Several themes from the past include famous animated Disney characters and older cartoon characters, like Snoopy.  Each year, the theme features characters that are likable and easy to draw.

Several designs to be on the lookout for when you walk into the school are the Power Puff Girls, characters from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and Scooby Doo.  The Human Relations Club created a design with an array of famous characters, including Pikachu and Ben 10, and the Letter Club painted Tom and Jerry. The participating clubs drafted sketches of what they drew before they began painting to make their job easier.

“This fun event where all the clubs come together has been going on for years.  The Student Council organizes this event each year, and buys all the supplies for the painting.  It is also a great place for the clubs to fundraise with bake sales because of the large amount of people participating,” said Student Council advisor Ms. Patricia Dietz.

This holiday event has been a longstanding tradition at Schreiber.  It is a rare occasion where all of the clubs can come together and work towards a common goal.  Every year during the holiday season, some of the clubs send representatives, artistic or not, to paint a panel, continuing the tradition.  The students who drafted and painted were able to display their creativity to the entire student and staff body.

“This has been going on since I’ve been here.  That’s almost twenty years,” said science department chair Mr. Philip Crivelli.

The paintings promote school spirit, bring students together, and help transition the school into the holiday season.

“Each year by doing the window paintings, the clubs are given the opportunity to learn more about each other,” said sophomore Julia Russo.

Year after year, the Schreiber staff and student body congregate to decorate the cafeteria windows.  The next time you walk by the cafeteria in front of the school, think about the tradition behind these festive windows, and the collaboration all the clubs used to put them together.  Make sure to enjoy the colorful cartoon characters you used to watch as a child on Cartoon Network.