Music ensembles prepare for the winter showcase


David Han

The concert band practices “Shenandoah,” “Abraham’s Pursuit,” and “Amparito Roca” to prepare for the winter concert.

Jackeline Fernandes, Staff Writer

The winter concerts will be taking place on Dec. 20 and 21 in the Weber auditorium.  Although they are normally held at Schreiber, the concerts will be held at Weber for the first time due to the ongoing renovations to the Schreiber auditorium.  In addition, due to the rescheduling of the December break schedule, the dates of the two concerts had to be pushed forward one day each.

The first of the concerts will begin at 7:30pm on Dec. 20 and the three ensembles performing that evening include the freshman orchestra, the freshman band, and the string orchestra.

“The freshman orchestra is playing three pieces,” said director of the freshman orchestra Mrs. Carol Garofalo. “The first one is Arlington Sketches, the second is March from Suite No.1, and the third selection we have is called Shaker Fantasia.”

The freshman band will be conducted by Mr. Shane Helfner, and they will be performing four pieces.

“In the winter concert, we will be performing Flight of Valor, The Great Locomotive Chase, Cumberland Cross, and selections from the Polar Express,” said freshman Ben Hegarty.

The second winter concert will take place at 7:30pm on Dec. 21. The four ensembles that will be performing include the symphonic band, the symphony orchestra, the concert band, and all choirs, which are the freshman and mixed choir.

The symphonic band will be playing Novo Lenio, Whispers from Beyond, and Journey into Diablo Canyon.

Journey to Diablo Canyon is my favorite song out of all the ones we’re performing because it’s cute with smooth legato parts, which is kind of relaxing to listen to,” said sophomore Symphony Chang.   “But then all of a sudden, it gets hyped up and it just sounds really good.”

The symphony orchestra will be directed by Mr. Pinelli. In addition, Mr. Brenner will be conducting the concert band and all choirs will be directed by Mr. Spiezio.

One of the pieces performed by both choirs is Carol of the Bells, a well-known Ukrainian folk song.

“My favorite song is probably Carol of the Bells,” said freshman Morgen Darnell.  “I’ve always loved the tune of the song ever since I was little, and I finally got to learn the lyrics and sing it in a choir, so it’s really fun.”

For many, the winter concerts are meaningful and special, due to the holiday spirit that is evoked by the songs that are performed.

“The winter concerts here at Schreiber are special because there’s nothing like performing for an audience, and it’s also winter time. It’s fun to just play some nice fun music during that time,” said Mr. Helfner.