Students display their artwork for the AP Art Show


Adi Levin

Junior Anna Finkelstein displays two of her paintings for the AP art show. “Place, Considered” encouraged students to explore their relationship with setting, allowing them to express themselves through art.

Mike Yang, Contributing Writer

The annual Advanced Placement art show took place on Wednesday, Dec. 21. Students in AP Studio Art displayed their art in the Atrium, presenting their work to their parents, friends, teachers, and administrators from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

This year’s exhibit, “Place, Considered,” features paintings done in acrylic, oil, or a combination of the two media. Weeks of painting and planning have gone into this exhibit. “Place, Considered” encouraged artists’ task was to explore the concept of setting and create a unique painting.

“The goal of the painting was not simply to make a larger version of the photograph, but to convey what is important or meaningful about the place that the student selected,” said AP Art teacher Ms. Miranda Best.

The AP art show was organized by Ms. Best and Director of Creative Arts Mr. Kevin Scully. To add to the artistic mood, both the AP art show and the winter concert were scheduled to take place on the same night.

“I’m excited that the approaching art show would be taking place the same day as the Winter Concert,” said junior, Sarah Mannix. “All attending audiences can enjoy a night full of art.”

The art show invites Schreiber’s students and families to view surrounding students potential in effort to encourage others to challenge themselves and set goals to accomplish better artistic styles and expression.