Good Eats: Filling your cookie jar with many holiday treats

Sydney Rosenthal, Assistant A&E Editor

The holiday season is the perfect time for cookies and gingerbread houses. Many families eat traditional meals on Christmas morning, making sure to leave cookies for santa the night before.

Christmas cookies are especially popular. Decorated with bright colors and creative patterns, they are universally liked. Of course, you can’t have milk without cookies.

The tradition of Christmas and the holiday spirit is always brightened up when food is involved. Baking brings families together without people having to worry about work or school.

“Holiday break is the time where I can spend it with family and not worry about the stress of school.” said junior Niki Randall.

The smell of pine trees in the air calms people and makes them remember old memories.

“Every Christmas my family goes around the table and shares a favorite memory of a past Christmas and their favorite food around the holiday time. Mine is always the apple pie with vanilla ice cream.” said junior Sierra Robinson.

Eggnog is a popular drink during the cold months. It warms people up and reminds them of Christmastime. The holiday break is a time to relax, reflect on the good and bad in the past year, and enjoy delicious foods and beverages as well. Hot chocolate is another winter favorite, whether its homemade or bought in town.

Chinese food is a must for those who do not celebrate Christmas. If you’re staying in town during the winter break, you can check out New Garden or Yummy Oriental.  There’s lots to look forward to every holiday season, as new traditions are formed each year. Whether you are traveling or staying at home, amazing food is always a constant.

Speaking of new traditions, you may wish to experiment with some new recipes this year. Buzzfeed Tasty, Spoon University, and over a thousand different food Instagram accounts provide different recipes and ways to prepare both holiday meals and desserts. These Instagram tutorials show people how to make a meal, step by step.

“I plan to make a brownie recipe this year for the holidays,” said Junior Davida Harris.

Be sure to get into the holiday spirit by enjoying some wonderful holiday food this season, whether you prefer food that is sweet or savory.