New season of Fuller House makes Netflix viewers feel at home: Returning for its second season, this Full House spin-off does not fail to make our hearts full again

John Alexander, Contributing Writer

As the clock struck 3:01 AM, I felt the floodgates open, and I pressed play on the very first episode of season 2 of Fuller House, “Welcome Back.”  I truly felt welcome, as I was seeing a brand new look into the lives of the family that held the light to carry me home. The new season was everything I hoped for and more.

“I thought that season two of Fuller House was amazing, but if you are planning on starting Fuller House you need to watch season one beforehand,” said freshman Mia Gelb.

The latest episode is filled with excitement and reunions, as well as a healthy dose of the humor that all Full House fans are familiar with.

“The show should have been more about the original cast because that’s what the viewers are most interested in because they can see what happened to their lives twenty years later.  In all, I really enjoyed season two and definitely recommend it!” said Gelb.

Season 2 was chock-full of holiday-themed episodes, including “Curse of Tanner Manor,” “Fuller Thanksgiving,” “Nutcrackers,” and “Happy New Year Baby.”  These episodes are filled with nostalgic references and surprise visits by the original cast. Overall, it was an eventful and exciting season.

“In my opinion, Fuller House season two was a great improvement from season one.  The characters were more developed and the acting was better.  All of the actors, especially the kids, got to know their characters better,” said freshman Dani Weinstein.

Fans are still waiting to see if the show will be renewed for a third season, hoping to experience more nostalgia and learn more about the lives about the Tanners, the Fullers, and the Gibblers. Until that day comes, I’ll be waiting with my bacon and eggs scarf and my Gibbler Style t-shirt on, waiting until I can Gibbler Gallop my way through the big red door. It’s always open.