The best gifts for all your tech savvy friends

Gabe Herz, Staff Writer

As the holiday season is approaching, many are wondering what they should get for others or themselves.  One of the more popular types of gifts for the holiday season is a tech gift, something featuring the latest consumer technology currently available.

In today’s market, there are many cool tech and gadget gifts out there, and with such a wide variety of products, there is something out there for everyone.  Some popular choices include the new Apple Watch 2, the GoPro HERO5, and the iPad Pro.

“I am very interested in tech gifts.  One of the gifts that I received was the iPad Pro.  I really wanted the iPad Pro because I wanted something that could multitask, and it is cutting edge technology that can run multiple apps at the same time,” said sophomore Ethan Kaufman.

The new Apple Watch could be a perfect gift for someone who wants to have a stylish watch and also be able to see text messages, notifications, and other alerts.  The watch can also be a great gift for someone who is active because it has many health apps that can track your workouts.  The GoPro could be a great gift for someone on the adventurous side, as you can strap the tiny camera on to you and record first person videos.  The new iPad Pro could be a great gift for someone who wants something that can function as a computer but is portable and compact.  The iPad can also be a great gift for someone who is on the artistic side, because you can purchase a pencil to go along with the iPad that allows you to draw on it.

While these presents are thoughtful, they are often on the pricier side. It is important to note that these gifts, although expensive, may be worthwhile investments for technologically involved loved ones.

“I would get this type of gift for someone who I know loves technology or someone who I am really close to because these items are pretty expensive,” said sophomore AJ Galassi. “I find these gifts to be really cool, and if I knew someone who I was close to who really loved these types of techie gadgets, I would definitely buy for them”.

Although most of these new items come with a high price tag, there are still many cutting-edge items on the market for a much cheaper price.  For example, the new Amazon Echo Dot can be a cool gift for anyone who would like a hands free assistant around the house.

The voice-controlled Echo can play music, order an Uber, book events, and check the news for you from any room in the house at the price of just $40.  This can be the perfect gift for techies who love to multitask things while being around the house.  Furthermore, gifts like these are not only up and coming, but also useful at a manageable price. This holiday season, if you or someone you know is very interested in these types of novelties, these tech items could make for great gifts.