Vikings bowling is sparing no competitors

Brent Katz, Staff Writer

Though not well-known throughout the school, Schreiber bowling is one of the most successful teams here.

Four days a week, participants take a bus to Herrill Lanes and practice to improve their scores. The rules are identical for both boys and girls.

The goal is to get as close to a score of 300 as possible. Each time the bowling ball is rolled, the idea is to knock down as many pins as possible, and the amount of which you knock down decides your score for that frame (There are ten frames per round).

A strike, meaning when you hit all of the pins down with one roll, is worth 10 points, plus the value of your next two roles. This makes it possible to earn a total of 30 points in that one frame.

A spare, which is when you knock down all of the pins in two roles, is awarded 10 points as well, plus the value of your next one role. If a spare is rolled, then it is possible to earn a total of 20 points in that one frame.

Finally, the scores of each frame are multiplied by the score in the final frame. Effectively, you would need to roll 12 consecutive strikes to score a 300 in a round of bowling, thus making it extraordinarily difficult.

“I could never even dream of rolling a 300, it is just too hard” said 10th grader Teddy Nelson.

He is an active bowler on the Boys Schreiber Bowling team, and contributes to their success. This is his first year bowling competitively and he has already raised his high score from a meager 90 to a very strong 165.

The JV team consists of 4 members, all of whom consistently bowl scores over 110, and the Varsity team also consists of 4 members, who all consistently bowl over an impressive score of 130-140.

Practice Monday through Thursday allows players to achieve higher and more consistent scores. I

f a player is able to bowl very well in practice but not well during matches, this hurts the team more than it helps the team. For this reason, consistency is the key for success in bowling.

“I would definitely rather score a consistent 120 then every once in awhile explode for 170, but otherwise score 90’s. That inconsistency would not benefit my team, because they would not be able to depend on me when it matters most in matches,” said Teddy Nelson.

The team-wide consistency has led the Port Washington Varsity boys bowling squad to a record of 4-1, and the Port Washington JV boys bowling squad to a record of 3-2.

The members of the Varsity team who currently have the highest averages are Kyle Harding, Alec Marshak, and Jon Lin, who have averages of 166, 163, and 161 respectively. These three key leaders of the team have led their bowling partners to success.

The only loss of the varsity team was to Garden City, where they will look to avenge the loss in their upcoming matchup.

“Being part of a team is very rewarding, and it’s even better when the team you are a part

of, like the Schreiber Bowling team, is a successful one,” said 10th grader Josh Oxenhorn, a member of the JV team.

Their goals for the rest of the season are to continue winning matches as they have been, and continue to improve their scores.

The coach, Mr. DelGais, explained, “I am very pleased with the way the team has improved. We practice and compete every day.”

He is proud of the team and excited for the team to find success this season. The winning record this year will hopefully carry over into another successful season next year.

The Varsity bowling team is currently in second place in the conference, and the JV team is in third place. As shown by these commendable spots in the standings which to seem only to improve, the program has continued to prove itself as a standout program in Schreiber’s athletics department.