Counterpoint: Is protesting the Trump inauguration an unpatriotic act?

Rebecca Charno, Staff Writer

As the countdown to Donald Trump’s inauguration begins, the opinions on his actions are increasingly prevalent and seem to be growing stronger.  This is no surprise, as the election was extremely divisive and caused an increase in the vocality of the American people as a whole.  Many rallies and protests have already been held across the country to protest Trump’s upcoming presidency, and many more are in store for his inauguration.  Some may argue that it is unpatriotic to express these opinions.  However, this is not the case.

Donald Trump may be our president, but there will always be people who do not agree with his views, past actions, and overall ideas for our country.  The expression of these opinions is every American’s fundamental right to protest in order to see the nation succeed.

“It’s our right as Americans to voice our opinion because in the Constitution, we have the right to protest.  If our opinion is that Trump will not do our country any good, we should be able to show it,” said freshman Lindsey Smith.

By protesting, Americans are supporting a large part of what our nation stands for, which is both courageous and patriotic.  Many refugees and immigrants come to America for this right given by the Constitution.  By condemning an act built upon the freedoms of speech and expression that are so integral to our nation as unpatriotic, it would also be claiming the Constitution itself to be unpatriotic.

“If you’re looking to improve America and make your voice heard by exercising your rights in a peaceful protest, you are supporting the view and hope for America that our founding fathers dreamed of; of the people, for the people by the people,” said junior Danie DiRuggiero.

Protesting for the ideals that we, as individuals and as Americans, believe in, is a phenomenon in which our founding fathers truly believed.

“As an American, it is your right to freely express your opinion, political or otherwise.  The ability to take a stand and show how you feel or what’s important to you is something that is so special about our country,” said junior Lauren Seltzer.

Our nation is unique, and a large part of it this stems from the acceptance of freedom of speech.  Being able to express your opinions and views is an important part of what makes America so special.

“It’s not unpatriotic because people are expressing what they think is best for our country.  If some believe that Trump will not be a good fit for our nation, then they are protesting with the intentions of improving the country that they love,” said freshman Leah Doubert.

Many believe that Trump has isolated certain minority groups in society and painted them as inferior to others.  Trump has made public comments that have gotten backlash from several groups, including minorities, women, and the disabled.  Everyone should have the ability to express their feelings without fear of being deemed a lesser American.

“Our new president has shown he believes and treats women like they are inferior to men.  He has not only shown this through his insensitive words, but also in his foul actions.  Donald Trump views women not on their true capabilities but on their appearance.  His involvement in the Miss America competition and treatments of contestants proves this.  As women we must be vocal about his behavior,” said freshman Katie Winter.

This is especially prevalent as many women’s marches are scheduled in Washington and across the country protesting our new president.  By helping a large population of our country to cope with this change, it can improve how women feel about our country and hopefully can lead to women feeling safer and more secure.  Protesting Trump’s views on women should also be seen as an act intended to improve our country, not argue against it.  These ideas are extended to minorities as well.

“Trump has made ruthless and degrading comments about minorities, especially immigrants, throughout the election process.  Some of the things he has said in the pact months definitely make me question his capabilities as the president of our country,” said freshman Maansi Shroff.

Essentially, Trump’s words make many people in our society feel isolated.  Whether or not these were his intentions, no citizen should feel disrespected or disregarded.

All of the rallies are made to help America by bringing back the ideas of our founding fathers.  If we do not allow Americans to stand up for what they believe, we will be harming the very essence of our nation.