Editorial: Viewing Trump inauguration in school

Every four years, the new president takes the Oath of Office in front of the U.S Capitol and before a crowd of hundreds of thousands in person, and millions more on television.

This ceremony symbolizes the strength of our democracy, which is what makes America the nation that it is. The inauguration ceremony offers an opportunity for the new president to describe their goals for the next four years and discuss how they intend to make the most of their term in office.

Obviously, this year’s inauguration ceremony will take place during school hours, so many people will miss the opportunity to witness this momentous occasion in person.

However, by having teachers show the president’s inauguration speech during class time this year, students will be given the chance to analyze and discuss the country’s current political status in the classroom, providing them with a unique perspective.

An overwhelming amount of students get their political news from Facebook news, “Saturday Night Live” skits, or word of mouth. However, being exposed to politics in the classroom will allow students to receive more accurate information and apply their theoretical knowledge of history and politics to the real world.

While many students actively read the news and keep up with politics, many lack the interest to do so. The 2016 election was highly unusual, and many have not given serious thought to Donald Trump’s political policies, viewing the incoming president as nothing more than a source of entertainment.

The Schreiber Times believes that teachers should show the inauguration address during school, as it will immerse students in national politics and encourage them to think about the country’s future.