Purdue University student tells all: Schreiber alumnus Maxwell Rutman describes his college experience


Courtesy of Idell Rutman

Schreiber alumnus Maxwell Rutman graduated last year, and is now a freshman at Purdue University. Pictured above are Rutman, Owen Walsh, and Justin Mirro, class of 2016.

Saige Gitlin, Staff Writer

Saige Gitlin: How did you hear about Purdue?

Maxwell Rutman: I heard about Purdue when I was researching different schools that are very distinguished in engineering, and my guidance counselor was able to give me a little more information about it.

SG: What is unique about the college campus?

MR: Purdue’s campus is very big and new, and you can find everything you need without having to leave.  They are always building something new and have updated facilities.

SG: What do you like most about the student life?

MR: Purdue consists of students who are usually from the Midwest, so you are surrounded with a different group of people who are all extremely nice.  Everything is student oriented, so every student has opportunities to do whatever interests them as long as they put in the effort to do so.

SG: What are the school activities offered that you take part in?

MR: This semester, I have joined a fraternity on campus, been involved with numerous intramural teams, and applied to become a tour guide.  We also have a multi hundred million dollar co-recreational facility which students are granted free access to that is definitely one of the nicest in the country, and I like to spend my extra time there at the gym or on the basketball courts.

SG: What is unique about the opportunities at Purdue?

MR: Purdue has an extremely high percentage of graduates finding employment, especially in the fields of business and engineering.  Every semester, Purdue hosts what’s known as “Industrial Roundtable,” which is where hundreds of distinguished companies come to campus looking to hire students for jobs and internships.

SG: What is your most memorable experience so far?

MR: My most memorable experiences have probably been at sporting events.  Purdue is division 1 and is in the Big 10, and it is home to one of the best basketball teams in the country.  The atmosphere at basketball games is unreal, and the entire school makes every game a memorable experience.

SG: What type of student would you recommend for this school?

MR: I would recommend this school to a student who is interested in engineering and looking for a big school and a change in scenery.  Purdue is home to 30,000 students around the world.

SG: What is your favorite thing about college classes in comparison to high school classes?

MR: I love how only I am responsible for my classes.  I am not required to go to most of them, but you get as much as put into the class.

SG: Do you feel that the workload is more or less manageable?

MR: The workload is much less manageable.  Being an engineering major, the workload is very large and it seems like there aren’t enough hours in a day, but you have to find the proper balance between your studies and a social life.