Former Schreiber student finds success in business


John Meyer, 21 year old CEO of Fresco News, in his office in Manhattan.

Niki Gillman, Assistant News Editor

Schreiber High School is no stranger to producing talented, well-known individuals. From Grammy award winner Jordan Laws to Craig Thomas, co-founder of the popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother, and various others, it is clear that Schreiber inspires creativity in its students.

Now Schreiber alumni’s success has gone a step further, with John Meyer (class of 2013) being named the youngest person to appear on the 2017 issue of the “Forbes 30 Under 30” list.  This list, released annually by Forbes magazine, seeks to identify the most prosperous minds of the business world under the age of thirty.  The contest is made up of 20 different categories, for which they pick thirty individuals each.  Last year, they had to pick out of a pool of almost 15 thousand, making the list more and more prestigious every year.

Meyer, who graduated less than four years ago, has always been dedicated to technology. His love for coding began while he was still a student in high school, and by the time he was 18 years old he had created 40 apps, most of which were made through his company, TapMedia, founded in 2010.  Included in his repertoire of creations is ‘Just Light,’ arguably the first ever flashlight app for an iPhone.  After the creation of this app, Apple began developing their own version, which they eventually incorporated into the design of the iPhone.  More recently, Meyer developed PerfectShot for iOS 7, an app that seeks to take the perfect group photo by monitoring everyone’s eyes and mouths and taking the photo in the millisecond when nobody is blinking and everyone is smiling.

“Since it began, it’s now produced over 40 apps,” Meyer said to Business Insider. “We’ve had over 4 million downloads. We’ve had, like, a few really cool successes — like we’ve been to the App Store’s top 25 section like four times. It’s really cool.”

Then, in 2013, Meyer founded another company, DevFund, with an aim to help young entrepreneurs who are just starting off in the tech world.  With DevFund, big app companies can donate a portion of their earnings every month to a small startup company.  In return, they get a verification on their icon in the app store, which lets consumers know which companies are using DevFund and which ones are not.  This, in turn, will help big companies attract even more business.

And now, Meyer has outdone himself with the creation of Fresco News.  Fresco News, which was founded in 2014, is a platform aimed at making news more interactive and personal for all.  The app, which is free for download for both iPhone and Android, informs its users when something newsworthy is going on around them.  The user then has a set time allowance to take either a picture or a video and submit it to the app.  If their submission is accepted, they are paid either 20 dollars for the picture, or 50 dollars for a video.

Recently, Meyer was approached by Fox TV, who struck a deal with the young entrepreneur for 1.5 million dollars.  In return, he will share the rights to media received with Fox TV networks across the country, including New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, Tampa, Charlotte, and Orlando.

With this new deal with Fox TV Production, the sky’s the limit for young John Meyer, only 21 years old and already the CEO of a multi-million dollar company.