Port hits bullseye with the upcoming Target



Target will be located in the former King Kullen building in the Soundview Marketplace.

Grace Fogarty, Staff Writer

Target is bringing one of its new flexible-format stores to Port Washington in the fall of 2017.  Flexible-format stores, one of Target’s newest developments, flexibly cater their products to the needs of people in the surrounding area.

The store will fill King Kullen’s former location in the Soundview Marketplace, and it will be approximately one-third the size of a normal Target.

“Now we can do fun arts and crafts, like DIYs, easily.  Usually for getting craft supplies I have to travel to Michael’s in Manhasset, but now we will have a place right here in town,” said junior Jessica Chapel.

The new Target store will aim to meet the needs of the community and will carry goods such as men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, baby products, toys, sporting goods, home decor, grocery items, beauty and cosmetic supplies, and electronics.

Currently, Port residents need to travel 25 minutes to reach the nearest Target. One-stop shopping will be much easier, as people will only need to travel a few minutes to buy everything they need. Another benefit is that the store will be a pick-up location for online Target orders.

“I usually travel to the Target that’s a few towns over when I need to go to a place that I know will have everything I need, from makeup to food to home supplies.  Now that there will be one in Port, my life will be so much easier,” said junior Lizzy Kaplan.

The convenience and success of the new Target, however, might come at the expense of Port Washington’s small businesses.

Small businesses have to hope that their customers will remain loyal, especially if Target is competing in their product area.  Attelia Baby, on Main Street, carries some of the same brands that Target does.  In addition, Dolphin Bookshop gets a lot of business from people buying birthday gifts in addition to books, both of which the Target will offer at presumably lower prices.  Port’s small business owners are looking on the bright side however, and considering the positive impacts that the Target will have on their businesses and the community.

“Port Washington small businesses have always been a family and are very supportive of each other.  Even though the introduction of Target will impact all the businesses in our area, I look forward to the added income this can potentially bring to our town and to the additional consumers, which will hopefully benefit all small businesses as well,” said Aylin Imam, owner of Suite 275. “My sincere hope is that with the opening of Target, local lawmakers and influencers continue to respect and support Port Washington small businesses.”

Overall, the community is optimistic about the arrival of Target in Port Washington.  Residents are excited about the convenience of the new store and small business owners have faith in their customers. For now, Port residents will just have to wait until the store opens in the fall.