Trump’s travel ban can be more detrimental than it seems

Rebecca Charno, Staff Writer

As you may have heard, President Trump has recently implemented new policies that, adhering to his campaign promises, are positively changing the United States.  Of the numerous executive orders that Trump continues to roll out, the most controversial is the travel ban.

Among other actions, the travel ban put an indefinite ban on Syrian refugees, banned arrivals to the United States from seven Muslim-majority nations, suspended refugee programs for 120 days, and created a cap of 50,000 refugees allowed to enter the United States.  The effect of this ban was felt almost immediately, especially in American airports as travelers were stopped from boarding US-bound planes or detained upon arrival in the United States.

However, aside from the actual actions of this travel ban, its implications are equally disastrous in magnitude.  This travel ban is changing the way people in the United States think as well as changing the way foreigners view our country.  A once proud and inclusive country, we have now created barriers that prevent refugees from getting the salvation they need and leave them in dangerous situations.  As a free democratic country, it is our job to help the persecuted.

There are many citizens that are being affected by this travel ban.  Aside from, of course, those barred from entering our country, are those Americans who feel that this travel ban does not at all accurately represent their world view and individual beliefs.

“The travel ban that President Trump has passed goes against much of what the American people believe,” said freshman Priya Chainani.  “For a country that was built upon immigration and better life for many people, restricting the flow of people from certain countries violates the core of America.  Men, women and children in Islamic countries need our help, and banning their entrance into our country is like a slap in the face.”

Another group that is impacted by this travel ban is the Muslims living in America.  One of the main critiques on the travel ban is its blatant prejudice towards mostly Muslim countries.  United States citizens who are Muslim may be made to feel as though they don’t belong.

Also, they may have family in some of the banned countries that they are now they are unable to see.  If we pass hateful laws, we in turn will breed bias.

“America was seen as this melting pot where anyone was accepted.  Now, the one place where they dreamed of achievable freedom has shut the door on them. This leaves a sense of abandonment,” said freshman Sally Hirschwerk.

This policy also changes the way that foreigners view our country.  We are now viewed based on the actions of Donald Trump.  Yet, while he is our president, many American citizens disagree with his actions.

Global views on our country are perhaps forever changed due to President Trump’s executive order.  We have now turned our backs on countries that used to turn to us for help and salvation.

“The travel ban is a solid example of what Trump represents.  He makes radical policies and disregards many people’s opinions.  By making these policies, Trump is slowly changing the country and what it once stood for,” said freshman Valerie Mondschein.

New executive orders like the travel ban are just examples of what Trump is doing to change our country.

If he continues to make these changes, his four year term will have a drastic effect on our country for many decades, as it has already had in less than a month.