Gaga scores an extra touchdown during the Half Time Show


Lady Gaga stuns the crowd as she sings a melody of “A Million Reasons, Born This Way, Poker Face, and Edge of Glory.”

Taylor Sinett, Contributing Writer

When the NFL first announced that Lady Gaga would be performing during Super Bowl halftime show, America knew it would be a show to remember.  Whether she’s wearing meat dresses or emerging from a giant egg on the red carpet, Lady Gaga has always been a great entertainer.

Arriving from the roof of NRG Stadium, she opened with a few lines of “God Bless America” and “This Land is Your Land.” After leaping down onto a light-up platform, the pop sensation performed a mix of her greatest hits with intense choreography. Complete with outfit, hair, and makeup changes onstage, many viewers agree that Lady Gaga is the ultimate performer.

Prior to her performance, rumors swirled that Gaga would make a political statement about President Trump and some of his new policies. Though this did not directly happen, many viewers felt her views about equality emanating throughout her set. “This Land is Your Land,” the unofficial anti-immigrant protest anthem, evoked her feelings of acceptance towards refugees.

Later on in the show, Gaga performed “Born This Way” in support of members of the LGBT community.  Lady Gaga is known for speaking out about problems in the world, and this was depicted in the undertones of her halftime spectacular.  However, because Gaga is known for being outspoken in politics, she was criticized for not giving an outward political message. It seems that many viewers wanted a little less “A Million Reasons” and a little more “A Million Reasons why this country is screwed.” Besides the political criticism, Gaga’s performance, with endless amounts of glitter and creative choreography certainly entertained America.

Lady Gaga played some of her most successful singles, complete with multiple stages, dance moves, and looks. From classics like “Poker Face” to more recent ballads like “A Million Reasons,” she built a setlist that the audience was seriously engaged in.  Gaga herself looked stunning in a blinged-out silver bodysuit in front of a diverse crew of backup dancers. She continued her set with tousled hair and a cropped football jersey-inspired top with rhinestoned bottoms. The crowd on the playing field was equipped with torches that were synced to the music, adding to the party spirit that Gaga put on onstage. Silver instruments and pyrotechnology brought the concert’s aura to a whole new level.  Lady Gaga’s performance also featured patriotism, with hundreds of red, white, and blue drones flying overhead.

Lady Gaga’s empowering stage presence certainly rocked the state of Texas.  Most of us can agree that it’s a shame that some football game had to cut short Lady Gaga’s concert.