This Is Us brings laughters, tears, and love to television


The principal cast of This Is Us is all smiles while promoting the acclaimed series at a recent event; the show has already been renewed for a second season.

Sydney Rosenthal, A&E Assistant Editor

In the midst of the busiest and most stressful time of the school year, the hit NBC show This is Us may be the escape you are looking for.  It is a show about three siblings who live completely different lives, but they begin to realize the importance of family as they age.

What makes this story so interesting is the fact that one sibling is not blood related.  The parents Jack and Rebecca, played by actors Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia, were planning to have triplets, but sadly lost one of their children during childbirth.  An unexpected turn of events brings them the third child they always expected, an African American boy they name Randall.

As the show progresses, the family diversifies, and the viewer gets to know them as individual people with individual lives.  What makes the show so intriguing is the way it uses childhood flashbacks to counteract the adult interactions between the siblings.

This Is Us is one of the few shows that creates flashbacks and fully brings you back to their childhood memories,” said junior Sophie Klemes.

The show seamlessly interweaves the characters’ shared childhoods with their equally interesting adult lives.  It is exciting to see the way that the characters develop and grow from their early selves into adulthood, and This Is Us’s unique and intelligent format makes this growth extremely evident and important.

Additionally, This Is Us is perfectly relatable.  It brings the audience through different stages of the characters’ childhoods and adulthoods, so viewers of all ages are able to share the experiences of the characters.  It is an American show that gathers a varied audience, ranging from teenagers to parents and grandparents of all different races.

Watching This Is Us is a good getaway show to watch every Tuesday night at 8/9 central, leaving you engaged in their lives.

“This is the one show I watch every Tuesday night.  I love the storyline and how they play each character,” said junior Sierra Robinson.

Each episode is jam-packed with several contrasting storylines.  The show grabs your attention and always keeps you wondering.  Though it’s only in its first season, the show has earned an 89% review on Rotten Tomatoes and is set to continue producing at least 22 more episodes.

It is clear that this show is a favorite of critics and audiences alike, and it is a must-see for anyone who loves smart, emotional, family-oriented television.