Foreign Language week celebrates different cultures


Adi Levin

Students in the Foreign Language Honor Society have created cardboard cutouts of the Eiffel Tower and a flamenco dancer for French Day and Spanish Day, respectively.

Zoe Basulto, Staff Writer

Throughout the week of March 21, the Foreign Language Honor Society organized the annual Foreign Language week. This week was the main occasion of the year for the Foreign Language Honor Society, and much planning went into it to ensure that it was a great success.

Every day from Tuesday to Friday during 4-1 and 4-2, the FLHS presented a display in the lobby, and each day of the event represented one of the four languages taught at Schreiber. French Day took place on Tuesday, followed by Spanish, Italian, and Latin.  Some of the events included face painting, tattoos, coloring, music, crafts, and even a photo booth, and each specific event represented the culture of that particular day.

Additionally, members of the Foreign Language Honors Society created posters to represent French, Spanish, Italian, or Latin culture, which were displayed throughout the school. Students also especially enjoyed trying the complimentary food given out each day, as well as the coffee for sale. Bread and chocolate was provided to represent French, churros for Spanish, risotto for Italian, and a sheet cake for Latin.

“I really enjoy trying new foods from different cultures,” said junior Sherry Shi.

With a whole week dedicated to the different languages, students can really engage in the attributes of each language.

“The students always have a great time during the foreign language week and immerse themselves in the culture of the language of the day,” said Foreign Language chair Ms. Carol Ferrante. “This continues to be a great event that attracts a lot of students.”

Especially since most students only take one foreign language between their time at Weber and Schreiber, it is valuable for them to be able to experience other cultures beside the language that they are currently taking.

“I thought it was so interesting to explore and expose myself to other foreign languages and learn more about each of their unique cultures,” said sophomore Nicole Jimenez.

Overall, Foreign Language week attracted much student participation. This week is an often highly anticipated event, and students are already looking forward to next year’s Foreign Language week. It also provided information for freshmen and other students about the Foreign Language Honors Society and how to apply to become a member.