After four years, Schreiber Slam comes to a halt


In previous years, the proceeds from Schreiber Slam went to various charities. In 2015, over a thousand dollars was donated to the MACHO foundation.

Jackeline Fernandes, Staff Writer

For the past four years, Schreiber has held the Schreiber Slam, a wrestling event which took place on a school night in the gym. Anyone who has attended Schreiber Slam knows that it’s no ordinary wrestling match.

The wrestling teams are comprised entirely of teachers, most of whom belong to the Social Studies department. Every year, the proceeds from the event go towards a different charity, and the event has become something of a Schreiber tradition. Last year, the gym was packed to the rafters.

“I went once. It was a good experience, and I feel so sad that they’re not having it this year,” said sophomore Dylan Forman.

This year, however, the spirited wrestling event has been called off because many of the competitors who usually compete are injured this year and did not feel safe participating.

“They didn’t feel it was safe to get into the ring because although the show does have a rehearsed ending, all of the moves done are for real, and they can get further injured,” said Schreiber Slam coordinator Mr. Douglas Matina.

Even though Schreiber Slam is well rehearsed, the competitors can still get injured. Wrestling can take a major toll on one’s body, especially if one isn’t used to such extreme physical stress.

“I’m not upset at the fact that I will not have to undergo the extreme physical toll this event took year after year after year,” said social studies teacher Mr. Alexander Sepulveda.  “Anybody who tells you that the wrestling is fake is wrong.”

In addition, the teachers could not figure out the logistics of Schreiber Slam. They were unable to settle on a suitable date. In the past, Schreiber Slam has been a popular school event that students looked forward to. Many have expressed their disappointment in the cancellation of Schreiber Slam.

“On one hand, I feel upset because it was a great program. Kids really enjoyed it. But even though it was a lot of fun, I’m relieved,” said Mr. Sepulvida.

In addition to the Schreiber Slam being a source of enjoyment and fun, it also helped raise money for charities. Previously, the proceeds of Schreiber Slam went towards the MACHO foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis foundation.

However, there is a possibility that Schreiber Slam will return next year. For now, students and teachers alike will simply have to wait. It all depends on how the participating teachers feel about stepping into the ring.

“Hopefully, next year, you will see the revival of Schreiber Slam,” said Mr. Matina.