Fashion File

Leah Taylor, Staff Writer

Nowadays, there are so many different jewelry trends, and rings and multiple ear piercings have become increasingly popular.  Rings are a common accessory because they’re so simple.  You don’t need a piercing to rock them, and they’re a really small and easy to spice up any look.

Even though people have been wearing rings forever, it doesn’t mean that the styles aren’t changing. People are continuing to wear classic ring styles, but midi rings and stackable rings are becoming more and more popular.

Midi rings come down halfway on your finger, creating a modern and trendy style.  Stackable rings are usually sold in packs in which multiple rings can be worn at a time.  Another quirky ring style is an open band. These rings have a gap in the band, which creates a one-of-a-kind look.

“I like getting multiple cute and inexpensive rings instead of one huge pricey one.  You can find a lot of cheap but pretty rings if you know where to look!” said junior Isabella Henderson.

Popular stores and websites to buy inexpensive rings include Forever 21 and Etsy.  Forever 21 sells sets of five rings for as low as three dollars, but a major complaint about these cheaper rings is that the metallic color usually fades over time.  One quick fix for a low quality ring is painting the inside of the ring with clear nail polish, so the color stays locked in place.

You can also buy high-end rings online from Etsy, or in jewelry stores around town or in the city.  Artists and Fleas in Chelsea Market has a large selection of jewelry from many different designers, and is a great place to find new rings that you plan on wearing for a long time.

“I have a few nice ones that I wear occasionally, but usually I just wear the plain ones that aren’t too flashy,” said junior Cameron Helman.

No matter which kind of ring you choose, you’ll be sure to have an eye-catching accessory that adds to any outfit.

Another growing fashion trend is double piercings.  People that already have earrings are getting a second piercing, and some people getting pierced for the first time get two at once.

“I got my second piercing a couple years ago and I really like it,” said sophomore Sofia Kuusisto.  “A lot more of my friends have them now, too.”

There are a lot of different places to get your second piercing such as Port Jewelers, Tori’s Place, and Claire’s.  There is a wide variety of piercing styles as well.  Many people get a second piercing right next to their first piercing, but you can also a helix, forward helix, or inner conch piercing, to name a few of the more popular ear piercing locations.  These piercings might seem like a big commitment, but they are not that different from a standard lobe piercing.

“I have ten total piercings,” said senior Jay Peierls.  “Caring for my piercings has been really painless and easy, and I love having them. I got my piercings because they’re little ways to feel sparkly all the time, which is really my goal.”

Getting multiple piercings can create cool combinations for your ear accessories.

No matter which way you choose to show your style, these trendy accessories are a great way to shine.