School nearing completion on improved fields


Matias Mollin

The new field will be complete with a baseball diamond and a backstop which will offer the baseball and softball teams many new opportunities.

Matt Levine, Staff Writer

This year, we are welcoming the newest additions to Schreiber: two new turf fields are being built on our school’s campus.  The new turf fields will have baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey dimensions.

The main purpose of the fields is to bring baseball and softball back to school campus.  They currently play at the Guggenheim field, but the turf will allow them to practice on campus.

The process to build the fields began with the passing of multiple school bond votes.  The crew began work in November and they had a goal of competition for March 5.  With a few snowfalls, the fields have had setbacks on completion and there is now no timetable for completion.

Once the plans were set, the crew had to rip up the grass from where the field will be.  They then had to flatten out the dirt and the ground to make sure that the turf can be placed on a flat surface.  After that, they placed the perimeter fencing around the field while also creating dugouts, foul poles, and a bullpen for the baseball field.

Red turf was placed for the infield and the warning track for the baseball and softball fields. The rest of the turf is green.  Lines were added to the turf to represent the foul lines, batter’s box, soccer lines, lacrosse lines, and field hockey lines.

The crew still needs to finish the perimeter fencing, add roofs and benches to the dugouts, and finish a few little touch ups to the turf.  They plan to get back to work when the snow clears up.  Athletes cannot be any more anxious to get on the field already.

“Everyone is super excited to play back on campus, with their friends watching and cheering from the stands,” said senior Lizzie Witkow.

Because the baseball and softball teams currently play at Guggenheim Elementary School, few students attend games because they are not on campus.  Guggenheim fields are not well maintained, making athletes look forward to the turf even more.

“I think the turf will definitely help us defensively now that we will be playing on a flat surface,” said junior baseball player Eric Rynston-Lobel.  “I think it will be interesting to see how it impacts our pitching and hitting because of the different dimensions of the field, and the small right field porch.”

Guggenheim fields do not have fences, so this is new for returning athletes.  Athletes are not just excited for the new conditions of the field, but also for the new beginning.

“We are all very excited,” said junior baseball player Alex Andrew. “Although Guggenheim will be missed, the new field should bring a spark to the program, and help us gain some momentum.”

Though some object to the disruptions and changes being made over the course of months for just two sports, baseball and softball players are grateful to have a new space.

“Baseball and softball should have turf fields because every other varsity sport has a field or a court on campus,” said Andrew.  “It is time that baseball and softball get some recognition.”

In addition to the improvement of the field itself compared to that of Guggenheim, athletes anticipate a boost in school spirit. Sports that play at Schreiber, such as basketball and volleyball, often get a lot of support from students.  Baseball and softball will now get that recognition, and that will help create a winning environment for both teams.

In the long run, the school will also save money with the making of the field.  The fields are very expensive, but paying for buses for the baseball and softball teams every day for practice and games is expensive as well.  The school will no longer have to pay for those buses for practice or home games.