Summer programs at colleges help students expand their horizons


The beaches of Los Angeles, generally regarded as some of the nicest in the country, are just a small part of the many benefits of signing up for a summer program at a college such as UCLA.

Gabe Herz, Staff Writer

The year has practically flown by, and it’s already that time of year when people are finalizing their summer plans. Many rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors will spend their vacation in summer programs that will allow them to explore their own academic interests.

For instance, at the Summer Discovery’s UCLA program, students can enjoy a 2, 3, 5, or 6-week program in a variety of subjects, all while enjoying the beautiful beaches of Los Angeles.

The program, which features classes in business, sports, screenwriting, and acting, appeals to a wide variety of people. In addition to having access to an array of great classes, students also get to get a sense of what college life is like, having access to the dining halls and sports facilities, while staying in the beautiful UCLA dorms.

However, something to take into consideration when looking into this program is its price. The two-week program costs $4,899, the three-week programs cost  $6,799, the five-week program costs $8,599, and the six-week program costs $9,999.

Another summer option is the UMass Amherst pre-college program. UMass Amherst offers a variety of courses from 3-D animation and forensic chemistry to dance and sports management.  UMass Amherst offers 1, 2, and 3-week programs Umass Amherst offers 1, 2, and 3-week programs ranging between June 25th and July 29th.

Not only do students get access to these great programs, but also they also enjoy the luxury of staying in the newly renovated, fully air conditioned, Commonwealth Honors College Residential Community. Students also enjoy full access to the Umass dining halls, which are ranked #1 in the country.

Aside from classes, students can also engage with each other while playing sports, board games, or at socials. In addition, students can take an optional trip to Six Flags New England if they want. The one-week program costs $1,327, the two-week program costs $2,595, and the three week program costs $3,818.

If you prefer exploring the great outdoors to spending your summer in a classroom, then you should consider West Coast Connections. West Coast Connections offers dozens of different trips, including community service, global adventures, and teen tours.

You can choose from a variety of locations, ranging from trips within the US to destinations like Australia, Canada, Peru, Thailand, and South Africa. In total, West Coast Connection offers trips to 20 different countries. Prices for the programs do vary, as trips range from 7 to 40 days long. West Coast Connections is the perfect program for anyone looking to get out and experience something new this summer.