City Views: The city’s trendiest abandoned railway, the Highline


Charlotte Gold

The Highline is a great place to take a stroll on a warm spring day. There are various things to do while strolling the Highline, including snacking on the variety of food carts lined up through the tunnel.

Brittany Polevikov, Staff Writer

Once known for it’s vast factories and industrial workyards, Hudson Yards was once thought to be beyond redemption as a tourist and shopping destination for New Yorkers. Until recent years, abandoned lots and buildings sat empty and rotting and train yards filled the landscape. Nevertheless, one of the most extensive urban renewal projects of Manhattan’s recent history has seen the construction of picturesque new parks and billions of dollars worth of new real estate. Right near the Javits Center, this is certainly an area to watch for further growth and new attractions in the coming years.

Created in 2009 to replace a disused New York Central Railroad track, the Highline is now a linear park that covers a span of almost one and a half miles. Though walking to and from different points when in New York City can often be tedious and hectic, the Highline provides a welcome change of scenery and pace.

“The Highline has a great view of the city. Even though it may be a bit crowded on the weekends, I would definitely recommend going on it if you want to get a good picture for Instagram or just want to see the city from a different perspective. You’ll be downtown before you know it, and have photos to spare!” said sophomore Molly Schiff.

As New York City’s only elevated park, it is clear that the Highline has its advantages when it comes to quick, scenic transportation. However, a good view of the city isn’t the only thing that the Highline has to offer. The end of the Highline is home to Chelsea Market, a well-known bustling food hall and shopping center. However, if a bustling space isn’t your speed, there are countless other things to do when you are done exploring the Highline.

Having a location in the middle of Manhattan leaves the Highline as a prime destination for those who are looking for something to do when in Chelsea. Chelsea is known for being home to a bounty of art galleries and cafes, essentially allowing for an entire day’s worth of activities- including visiting the Highline and the soon-to-be-opened Hudson Yards- to be spent in one area.

“Most of the art galleries in Chelsea have a lot of contemporary art. Although some of the well known galleries like the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery and David Zwirner Gallery are pretty small, especially if you’re used to bigger museums like the Metropolitan, there are some really cool exhibits they usually have on rotation every few weeks.” said sophomore Nicole Jimenez.

Chelsea is one of the closest areas of the city to Penn Station, which is perfect for those who prefer to stay in the general vicinity of their means of getting back to Port Washington after a long day of fun- which for Long Islanders is usually taking the LIRR. Even if you’re someone who likes to spend their day in different parts of the city, making your way through Chelsea by way of the Highline is the perfect twist on a scenic pathway and efficient means of making your way downtown.

So if you’re looking for something to do when you’re in the city, spending the day at one of one of the most modern and picturesque locations in all of Manhattan is certainly the place to go.