Tech Talk: Rednote: a tech startup from our very own hometown

Gabe Herz, Staff Writer

For many Schreiber students, two of the more popular activities to do is listen to music and text with friends. Music is a big interest in the lives of many high school students; however, there has never been a easy way to share bits and pieces of songs quickly and easily between friends. But now there is a way.

The app Rednote is a new music-sharing app that allows users to share music in fun and unique ways through iMessage. With Rednote, users can upload their own photos, and create their own song stickers, which are fully customizable. Users can choose from tons of different artists and categories, as well as finding lyrics to add to their pictures. In addition, the app provides a ton of different categories that are specific to certain themes including happy birthday, one hit wonders, and up and coming artists. Not only can users just upload lyrics, but they can choose the font, color, and filter to make the picture as unique as possible. The stickers can be easily uploaded to iMessage, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter among other social media platforms.

Aside from being able to customize your own song stickers, users can search for song clips, and send animated Rednotes with music and lyrics through iMessage. The app is very organized and very easy to use so users should have no problem navigating.

Rednote is based here in Port Washington and it was worked on and developed by numerous Schreiber High School students.

“Rednote is great for anyone who loves music and relates a lot to the lyrics of songs. What’s great about the app is that there is a huge selection of all different types of music, so anyone who wants to send a song clip to their friend will easily be able to find something that fits their taste” says junior Maddie Tashlik, who interns for Rednote. “Rednote is super unique in that it is the only app out there that lets you select a specific clip of a song to send to others easily. There are many cool options to add with the clips, such as adding your own picture behind it that makes it even more fun. Sometimes a song can explain how you feel better than words, so it is awesome that Rednote provides an accessible platform to send songs.”

If you are someone who loves music, relate a lot to lyrics of songs, and are someone who is looking for a creative way to express yourself, in addition to wanting an easier way to share music with your friends, Rednote may be the perfect app for you.