News Briefs

Adam Jackman, Contributing Writer

Alternative Learning Center

Starting this school year, Schreiber has changed the location of the in-school detention room, which was previously known as “tank.”  Tank was originally held in room 59, which had no air circulation or windows, hence the name.  Although tank soon moved to room 0, which is located on the lower level between the gym and ESL classrooms, the administration wanted to make a more significant change. Principal Dr. Ira Pernick and Assistant Principal Mr. David Miller thought the tank should be turned into a more positive space.  This vision therefore culminated in the new space: the Alternative Learning Center.

Over this past summer, the administration decided that since math research needed a new room and equipment, there would be plans to move math research to room twelve and the ALC to room 16.  The health office is planned to move to room 0, and the current health office will be converted into a space for administrative assistants.

“The ALC is a space more conducive to returning students to a learning environment,” said Mr. Miller.  “Room 16 is a brighter and nicer space that will foster a better environment.”

  The ALC is changing inside as well. The desks will not be lined up in rows. Instead, students will sit at round tables.  In addition, the ALC will also be used as a testing center for students who require special testing accommodation, as taking an exam in a busy hallway can be loud and distracting. 

“Once we start to bring in students for testing, we can start to create a better learning environment for the students in the ALC,” said Mr. Miller.  “Getting students back to learning as quickly as possible and correcting problems in an appropriate manner, without producing anxiety, is our goal.”

In all areas, the ALC will work to provide students with a better learning environment and reduce the anxiety of students who are sent there. Dr. Pernick and Mr. Miller’s vision has take full effect, but they hope to change the dynamic of detention for the better.