Port has no shortage with bunches of bakeries


Jamie Ambos and Becca Sanders, Contributing writers

If you’re craving a sweet treat, you’re bound to find something delicious on Main Street or Port Boulevard. From old favorites to new arrivals, there is always somewhere to go for a baked pick-me-up.  In Port Washington, most bakeries tend to come and go. Although we can’t stop by Baked to Perfection or the Main Street Bakery anymore, there are still plenty of wonderful bakeries in town.

Saint Honore, of course, is a local favorite and a town staple. The classic bakery offers a variety of baked goods, from elegantly decorated cakes and tarts to wonderful pastries. Although St. Honore is best known for its beautiful brioches or its flaky almond croissants, the bakery is growing in popularity for its coffee. Many strongly recommend Saint Honore not just for its delectable pastries, but for its proximity to Schreiber and friendly staff.

“Especially because Port Cafe is gone, Saint Honore is the most convenient place to go from school,” said senior Lauren Seltzer.  “Their coffee is so good and I love stopping in there for breakfast when I have first off.”

If you’re looking for a more modern bakery, you need look no further than Schmear Bakery and Market to satisfy your cravings. Not only does the minimalist interior make it the trendiest stop for you and your friends, but Schemear’s variety of breakfast and lunch options and large seating area have made the bakery a favorite for many students. That being said, Schemear fare can be a tad costly.

“Schmear is overpriced for what it is.  I can buy a cheaper cookie at other places in town,” said sophomore Clara LaCorte.

Since many students rely on their parents to pay for their meals, it is hard for them to eat at Schmear regularly.  Their unusual hours of operation make it impossible for students to eat at Schmear after school, since it closes at 3 p.m.  Unless you have an off period or are willing to go there before school, it may be difficult to grab a bite to eat on weekdays.

The newest eatery on Main Street is Cafe Aurelia, which serves tea, cupcakes, and freshly popped popcorn. It’s the only place of its kind, and although the treats are wonderful, the service leaves much to be desired.

“Though my tea happened to be good, the service was immensely slow and I felt uncomfortable making small talk with the only worker in the store,” said former Schreiber student, Lauren Ambos.

One more issue is the lack of allergy friendly bakeries and cafes in town.  Many Port residents dealing with allergies may find it challenging to find a sweet treat that doesn’t contain nuts or other allergens.

“We need allergy friendly bakeries,” said sophomore Karlee Gulkis.  “As a person with many allergies, I find it hard to keep up with all the food and treats my friends are eating.”

If there is need for another sweet shop in Port Washington, it should make a concerted effort to be allergy friendly, or at least label some of their products.