Schreiber alumnus talks about days at Bard


Nicole Calamari, A&E Editor

Nicole Calamari: How did you hear about Bard College, and what attracted you to it?  What would you recommend to students that are interested in learning more about colleges?

Colin Schroeder: I was looked at by the soccer coach at a tournament and was attracted to Bard because it was the best academic school that offered me a roster spot to play soccer.  My advice for high school students would be to get in touch with schools and visit as many as possible.

NC: What is unique about Bard College?  How is the campus, environment, student life, and campus food?

CS: It has freedom of choice for classes of many subjects, but gives very clear structure requirements for your major.  The campus is rather large for such a tiny population.  It is a lively place with many events.  The food is hit or miss at the dining hall, but the cafes are great.

NC: What kind of person and/or student would you recommend for Bard?

CS: Someone who isn’t quite certain about what they want to do in life but has many passions would fit perfectly at Bard College.  There is no one specific type of person that is the perfect representation of a student at Bard.  You find people here that love sports, love math, love theatre, and a combination of them all.

NC: How has the transition been in terms of being away from home, family, and high school friends?

CS: It was challenging at first.  I found constant means of communication with friends and family back home.  Phone calls and social media are great.  I also see my parents if and when they come to my soccer games.

NC: How are college and high school different and similar in regard to workload, social life, sports, etc.?

CS: The workload is not so much more than high school in terms of hours, but it is quite challenging and requires a lot of effort.  The social life at Bard is very different because you are living with so many people you are friends with.  College soccer is much higher level than high school soccer.

NC: What is your major?  How did you decide upon one?

CS: My major is biology with an environmental science concentration.  I have always loved wildlife and have wanted to work with animals for as long as I can remember.

NC: Do you have any advice for current juniors and seniors about what to do in preparation for college testing, college applications, and choosing the right college?

CS: Remember it is your choice.  It is the next four years of your life and you will get out what you put in.  I think you will know which college is right for you when you make your decision.  I fell in love with Bard early and I am enjoying my time here greatly.