Success in Fall sports halfway through the season


Yefei Yao

Freshman Yukawa Ito finishes a four-kilometer race at Bethpage State Park on Monday, Sept. 11.

Noah Sollinger and Leah Taylor

Varsity Football

The varsity football team is off to a strong start this season, and they show no signs of slowing down.  The team remains undefeated after their first five games, including multiple blowout games.  In the second game of the season, the team destroyed Palisade Prep with an astounding score of 35-6.  This game paved the way for further success later in the season, as the Vikings went on to decimate the Pelham team with a score of 40-7.  Moreover, the squad has proved their ability to compete with and beat the best teams in the league, as they defeated second place Gorton by a close score of 36-30.  With these victories, the Vikings sit atop the Hudson River League standings with a record of 5-0, and they have two games remaining.  On Oct. 6, the team looks to continue their amazing season at their final home game while facing the Riverside Rams, who are ranked 3-2.

Boys Soccer

The boys varsity soccer team is having an incredible season so far, with a 7-2 record.  The team is second in Nassau County Conference AA after 9 games. Thus far, the team has won six of their first seven games. This season, the boys are taking the season game by game, focusing on improving their abilities every step of the way.

“As a team, we are focusing one game at a time and not worrying about what will happen next week or the week after that,” said sophomore Jack Friedman.  “We go into every practice with one goal: to work hard and make each other better.  We had a great start to the season but did have a few bumps in the road so we know that we are capable of going very far this season.  It all comes down to how focused we are and how hard we work in each and every training session and as long as we keep the right mentality going into every single game, we have the potential to do great things as a team.”

Girls Soccer

The girls soccer team may have not gotten out to a great start this season but hope to heat up as they approach the playoffs.  The team lost their first six games, including one close match in which they finished 4-5. However, the squad has won their past two games, including one shutout against Manhasset on Sept. 28.  The team has much of their season ahead of them, with 5 games remaining in the regular season.  If the team can stay hot heading into the playoffs, they could be very dangerous throughout the postseason.  However, this could be a difficult task, as they will face some of the top ranking teams in the division, such as East Meadow, Calhoun, and Massapequa before the playoffs begin.

Boys Cross Country

The boys cross country team is off to an incredible start this season, with an immense amount of young talent contributing to their success.  The Vikings have ten outstanding runners with top 50 times in Nassau County for the five kilometer race, with four of those ten being underclassmen. Freshmen Oliver Melara-Perez, Noah Loewy, and Matthew Scardigno have some of the top freshman times in the county.  In the 5K, Melara-Perez and Loewy have times of 19 minutes and 41 second and 19 minutes and 36 seconds, respectively.  On the other hand, the Vikings also have a good amount of upperclassmen leadership, with senior Aaron Cottumaccio, and juniors Louis Blakeman and Nicholas Scardigno also in the top 50 in the county.  The team looks to continue their success at the Nassau County Coaches’ Invitational at Bethpage State Park on Oct. 7.

Girls Cross Country

The girls cross country team is having a great season so far, with senior runners leading the charge.  There are four Vikings runners placing in the top 20 in Nassau County for the five kilometer race, with three of those four being seniors.  Senior Lucy Hurt holds the best time in the county for this race, coming in at 20 minutes and 26 seconds.  Seniors Megan Bazzini and Emily Cavallaro and sophomore Sam Krayeski are also in the top 20 in the county, all with times under 24 minutes.  The Nassau County Coaches’ Invitational is soon approaching, and the girls look to collectively improve upon their time.

Girls Swimming

The Lady Vikings girls swimming team is off to a great start this year, with a 2-1 record and ranking near the top of the county for most races.  The girls have excellent times in all the relays, ranking second in the 200 meter medley relay as well as the 200 meter freestyle relay.  The team also has the best time in the county for the 400 meter freestyle relay, coming in at 3 minutes and 48 seconds.  The team also has multiple swimmers ranking atop the conference in individual races.  Senior Annabelle Corcoran ranks second in the 500 meter freestyle and 100 meter backstroke, as well as first in the 200 meter freestyle with an incredible time of one minute and 56 seconds.  Senior Molly McLoughlin and sophomores Madeline Competello and Caitlin Knight also rank among the best in the county.  The Lady Vikings have had an impressive season so far and look to continue their success throughout the end of the regular season and into counties.

Boys Volleyball

The boys varsity volleyball team did not get off to an amazing start this season, but have had some success in their past few games that they hope to build on as the season progresses.  The Vikings started their season losing four of their first five games while playing division powerhouses like Massapequa and Long Beach.  However, the volleyball team recently won two games in a row against Floral Park and Garden City.  Senior captains Daniel Dash and Justin Suzzan lead the team, with Dash hitting 16 kills in their game against Floral Park and Suzzan adding 10 kills and 2 aces.  Although the Vikings did not get off to the start they wanted, they still have more than half the regular season left.  Port will have the chance to redeem themselves against Long Beach and East Meadow, two teams they lost to earlier in the season.  If the team continues to work hard and focus, they may be able to ride this success into the playoffs.  The Vikings’ next game will be a big one, and they will travel to face 7-1 conference rival Massapequa away from home on Oct. 7.

Field Hockey:

Even though the girls field hockey team was placed into a higher conference this year, they have had a great season so far.  After emerging victorious from League 4 at the end of last year, they were moved into a higher league.  Although they were off to a shaky start, losing both of their first two games, they recovered immensely.  The team is currently in the season with a strong 3-4 record.  They dominated in games against Friends Academy, North Shore, and Oyster Bay, with scores of 5-1, 6-2, and 4-0, respectively.

“The team is working really hard this season,” said junior Dalia Bercow.  “Despite the difference in competition, we are really holding our own.  We are powering through our losses.”

The team definitely has high hopes for the rest of the season.  With great performances from senior Jami Tuch, juniors Dalia Bercow, Annabel Bridges, and Megan DiLeo, and sophomore Tobey Tick, they hope to return to the playoffs this year.

Girls Volleyball:

The girls volleyball team is putting up a fight in the difficult Conference AA1.  Their season is just beginning, with at least 7 upcoming games and a record of 1-3.  The team dominated in their game against Herricks with a record of 3-0.  Senior captains Anna Finkelstein, Emma Roberts, Jade Walker, and Emma Waxman constantly help the team, setting a positive example and keeping the team’s morale high.

“The season is going well so far, and we have a really strong team this year,” said junior Kailey Gallagher.  “Our captains are all great players and leaders because they set a good example for the rest of the team and help keep everyone motivated.”

The girls are hoping to make to playoffs and advance past the first round.  As the season progresses, they continue to work their hardest in practices and games.